Froglube; is the hipe true?

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by welderman, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. welderman

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    Ok. I keep hearing about Froglube so I googled it and listened to a few reviews.
    Is it actually worth it? I use Hoppes, always have, with no problems. The bores and actions on all of my guns are very clean and free of any build up or residue. I am a staunch believer in, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". So I guess I'm looking for thoughts, and keep in mind I am on a fixed income, so cost is a big consideration.
  2. sarahsmom

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    I an interested in the answer to this also. I grew up with hopped also. And have read and been told about all kinds of different things to use, but still don't know which one is good, but still inexpensive. I have been considering getting CLP, especially for my ar15. But still not sure.

  3. ArmyScout

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    Any good cleaner and lubricant product will protect a firearm. I used sewing machine oil back the 50's, and when I was doing a lot of Bass fishing I used reel oil on my firearms. I have been using CLP and Hoppe's for years now, never a problem. Don't believe all the hype on these super new products. Taking care of firearms is not Rocket Science.
  4. greg_r

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    Have had too many guns come to me that were gummed up with frog lube for me to ever recommend it. Granted, it was user error causing the problems, too much of a good thing, but still? It will gum up in cold weather.

    I like Hoppes as a good all around gun care product, but I find myself using a lot of EEZOX also.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

  6. lsi1

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    sure it works just like motor oil transmission fluid grease anything will work.
  7. moona11

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    make my own so, blah:p:p

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    "Duck Butter" don't count. But I am sure "making your own" is good physical therapy. :rofl:

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I like my MotorKote. Shake well before using!
  10. lklawson

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    Does it work "better?" Maybe.

    Does it work enough "better" to justify the additional expense of switching to it from a less expensive product which you've already paid for and you know works well for your needs? Probably not.

    I have TWO gun specific oils now. One is Breakfree CLP, the other is Ballistol. I sometimes use Breakfree CLP because I like the way it works, have experience with it, and She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn't find odor objectionable enough to gripe at me when I use it in the living room. I use Ballistol sometimes because it works great for cleaning corrosive residues in my experience, because a 10% emulsion works great in my ultrasonic cleaner, and because I like the smell (sometimes I even use it on my chapped hands and dry cuticles). I have roughly 2 gallons of Ed's Red (minus acetone) that I use for everything else, but even with the deoderized products I still have to use it out in the garage, which is a little less convenient for me. I also have several "sample" tubes of various wonder-oils which I got for free. I keep one in my range bag and another has an application needle which is very convenient. One or two drops is all I ever use for lubing so these things are lasting, literally, years.

    I also sometimes use Marvel Mystery Oil to clean and Castrol Magnatec synthetic 5w30 to lube. Man that stuff works a treat! And the Quart I bought may last me decades.

    I have a tube of actual RIG gun grease that I bought and use sometimes on rails and lugs, but it seems to be separating, much to my frustration. I'm using it less and less and may eventually be forced to throw away the tube because of the separation. I (over) paid for it at the LGS, dangit? I've been substituting it with Brake Caliper Grease I got for free last time I replaced the disks in the car. It's blue colored and NOT SEPARATING! <grrr> :mad:

    Peace favor your sword,
  11. sarahsmom

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    If you use CLP, do you still use a lube or oil? I think CLP would be good for me to use since my daughter can't stand the smell of hopped (I love the smell of hoppes in the morning) :)
  12. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    I use Military Rifle Bore cleaner. Made in 1974. Then for oil, Mobil1 Synthetic.
    A qt of Mobil one will last for years! Bore cleaner runs me $1.95 per 8oz can and lasts quite a long time. Course I bought a stash of it.

    I almost think the Military Bore Cleaner is a lubricant also. Just not positive yet.
    Several older shooters have told me this Bore Cleaner is what CLP most likely is.
    Anyone know???
  13. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    The rifle bore cleaner became CLP. They figured hey why not clean lube and protect all in one so these boys don't have to carry all this extra shiz in the field. I'm betting a little goes a long way too.
  14. sarahsmom

    sarahsmom Supporting Member

    So no extra oil/lube needed, even on an AR?
  15. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    That's a personal call. I use CLP, brush it, patch it, etc. I have a "clean" lint free rag lightly oiled with clp, wipe/patch everything down, hit it all again with dry patches and a rag, and call it good.
  16. ArmyRover

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    As a Army guy that grew up in the CLP generation, I will say I still use Hoppes number 9 and oil for my weapons. I prefer it and I feel it honestly does a better job of cleaning.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Hoppes used to smell different. It isn't good smelling as it used to be. Old stuff smelled like an aphrodisiac :p my CCW teacher said the same thing :rofl:
  18. OkSlim

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    I have used it. I wouldn't spend the extra money again.

    They would probably sell more if they called it Tactical Frog Lube.

    It's weird how you get in habits but for some reason, I keep buying Tetra Gun Grease. I use it on the slides of my semi autos.

    It's reasonably priced and I just automatically buy it when I need more.

    Don't use it on any of my rifles. Just hand guns.
  19. OkSlim

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    I have a half a dozen different CLP's, oil, cleaners, grease and honestly I don't know why.

    Hoppe's is good enough for any weapon.