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    Hey guys... So... I try to be somewhat involved / a member of any of the firearms 'communities' I can out there...

    Hopefully this won't earn me any tension here: Historically, I'm a Sig Sauer and Glock collector, pretty much every variant of the P220 and P226 in the former, and every caliber of the latter. (Yeah, that ends up with interesting stories on both sides, doesn't it...)

    But I was in a gun shop today and one of the guys behind the counter was "setting someone straight" on Hi-Point. (In a good way.)

    Admittedly at first I heard all the 'noise' that you usually hear too, but was always a bit questioning on the "stories" since I know these guns have a HUGE following.

    I know Hickok45 recently tested one and it ran well, and to be honest I've never seen any *real* complaints about these guns. Just internet hand-waving. So I had one eyebrow raised already at the 'haters', and today I guess made me raise the other one.

    Anyways, after hearing the employee relate several stories of Hi-Point's exceptional customer service, and two other guys "it's never failed me" and "It's always accurate and always reliable" personal accounts directed at a customer who was saying all the usual tropes, I said "what the hell, gimme one."

    I want to support, with my dollars, any company that still actually engages in real *customer service*. Sig has always been good to me on that, and if Hi-Point is half what I've heard, as far as reliability and customer service -- I'm there.

    Walked out with a new C9, and man was that a nice price to get that "new gun day" feeling from. :) (I'm sure many here know what I'm talking about...)

    And though the 'inaugural first shot' likely won't happen until this weekend, let me just say -- this thing is solid. And I don't mean "heavy", I mean solid. The feel and operation of the gun so far is surprisingly good.

    If this weekend goes well (And I have no reason to think it won't - well.. Unless it snows, but that's a Colorado thing) ... I'm already thinking my next will be one of the JHP 45s.
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    Welcome to the Asylum. What shop did you pick yours up from. I'm down in La Junta and Kelly's is my only LGS if you don't count Big R or wally world.

  3. talon

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    Load the mag and leave it full until youre ready to shoot it. And leave the mag loaded in between uses to help set the springs.
    Other than that, its ready to go.
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    Welcome to the nut house. Beware of Miles though.
  5. I would lock the slide back for a few days also. HP tend to like hot ammo until the recoil spring breaks in.
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    Moony meant Mole, forgive him he was Army and is keyboard challenged.
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    Damn phone phone keeps doing it. I'm sending those kids to CO to live with Rach
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    Thanks so much for the tips, guys. I'll certainly load up the mag and leave the slide back until this weekend, good to get pointers like that right off the bat.

    I actually got this one at Big R, during my "let's see what's new" run.. but some of the employees I know there are folks who used to work at or with some of the local shops. (Near Conifer/Lakewood; all of the firearms guys seem to know eachother.)

    My usual circuit is Machine Gun Tours (hit or miss...) , Green Mountain Guns (They've been getting a bit more customer friendly), Colorado Gun Broker (real good guys in there) Big R up here and Grand Prix. Sometimes 5280 Armory when I'm in the area.

    But I really appreciate the pointers, and I'll certainly report back how this weekend goes.

    Any ammo recommendations? I know HP says to stay away from steel stuff, but I've had bad consistency with 9mm steel no matter what the gun.
  9. moona11

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    Just try anything those guns can shoot anything or be picky but most are not to finicky
  10. Rachgier

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    I have the carbine in .40 and it eats everything so I'm not much help.
  11. rmuniz9336

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    I have three Hi-points in the house, my carbine, my Personal pistol, and finally a 380 for the wife. Very happy with all of them,

    And I've never had a problem as far as Ammo goes. It shoots everything I toss into it.
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  12. lumindragon

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    Great, thanks again guys - that makes it easy. And looks like the weather is gonna hold out for the weekend too. so, awesome.

    I've got the slide locked back and the mag loaded to season the springs.. will let everyone know how my first-ever Hi-point shoot goes.
  13. lumindragon

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    150 rounds of white box federal over the weekend across Sat. and Sun. No FTF, No FTE, no (real) problems. (Two times on new mags, early on, the mag didn't seat properly, but after re seating it, it cleared up - only happened twice, and early on.) Grouping was comparable to my police turn-in p229.

    I was a little worried because I noticed the rounds' angle dipping a bit in the mag stack, which I know is pretty much the 'one gotcha' that happens -- easily fixed with a different mag though... but no troubles in actuality, which was pleasantly surprising.

    Convinced. Going to have a hard time not adding a complete HiPoint lineup to my other collections. JHP next, I'm thinking.
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    YEP, That is right where I started at!

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    Welcome from ND enjoy the insanity and joy that this forum brings! You'll love your HP (we do)!!! Let us know how shooting goes:)