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  1. Wow, they LOVE it! :)

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    Yep. Right. All thier experience with a Hi-Point would fill a gnats behind.
  3. I think Gene L should be the forum's mascot:

    This piece of $417 is a police officer? Prejudicial reasoning, twisted allusions, invalid argument, etc. People depend on this -(person?)- to provide for public safety. I think I'll call a hippie! :cry:
  4. And you're surprised by this?
  5. :evil: FUNK those gun snobs(you know what I mean) why people that never shot one bash it. I could bash Glocks saying that I have seen one jam and one explode(youtube) and would never trust my life with one but I have never shot one so I cant bash it. My rule if you never shot it dont bash it. Just because you heard of a bad review or dont like the price gives you justification to bash it
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    Did you catch this?: Quote:
    Originally Posted by USP45FAN
    So nobody else carries one as a drop gun?
    Just Kidding...they're crap
    You dont need to.. You are more then likely to find one laying behind a dumpster in an alley behind the 7-11 that was held up the night before!

    I would say I hate them, but I dont as they have a valuable purpose, which is to be the top pic of every thug who wants our attention!

    Thats white trash Wannabe-LEO IE "PIG TALK" for contaminating a crime or non-crime scene into a crime scene with a piece thats incriminating evidence. Some people actually took an oath like myself to protect our country from all enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Wannabe-LEO like that are BUGS.
    Understand that 99.9% of LEO are not that way but like any job, you will find mailingerers and miscontempts that are better off in thier moms basement at 35 years of age masterbating with the newest "SWAT" magazine in the other hand and watching DIE HARD for the 50th time lusting for Bruce Willis.
    They didn't like Hi-Points because they are BIG and UGLY?
    Well so is my penis and I like it quite well as do the ladies,
    God was good to me.
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    On another forum that I post on we call people like this "windowlickers". Just ignore them.
  8. The thing i am hoping (and praying) Is that most of these aren't really LEO'S but just Mall Ninjas calling them selfs LEO'S if thats not the case god help us these are some twisted LEO'S!
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    Edited by Z71: for use of a Racial Slur.
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  11. For one you have to look who is talk trash there. I for one have 4 going on 5 hi-points, never a glitch, I have another, higher qualtiy gun that has had more miss fires then all the HP i have put together.
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    As a LEO I work with officers with that mentality. I also own a .40 carbine that's a hoot. I've yet to have it jam and I finally ran a brush down the barrel after about 500 rounds, mostly reloads, but am waiting for it to gum up and jam. The same range officer who denounced
    Hi-Points as junk liked the carbine once he tried it, go figure.

    I may qualify as a "gun snob" in that I hate, well dislike anyway, the Glock 23 that we are issued. I've carried a 1911 for too many years to like the trigger or the grip angle, but like the Hi-Point they do work.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.
  13. Welcome to the forum Jackpine, its good to hear that we have another Hi Point fan here.
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    I personally saw a Hi Point pistol kill 3 people when they fired it, brand new mind you, and the slide shot back through the eye of the guy shooting it, through the chest cavity of the instructor behind him and then into the arm of his girlfriend, where it exploded and took her arm off and she died from blood loss...

    Oh wait, my mistake, Glock Foh-tee!
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    DUDE!!!! I know!! My cousin's girlfriend said the EXACT same thing when he saw it!
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    Your cousin's girlfriend is a he?
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