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  1. There are ALOT of politically motivated topics showing up in the Lounge. This needs to stop. The Lounge is NOT the FFZ, and those topics are not welcome in this forum. Talk about these issues at work, talk about them at home. DO NOT talk about them on HPFF in open forum. If you have someone you wish to talk to about, for an opinion or something, use the forum E-mail or PM, that's what they are in place for.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  2. AndrewST

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    Well Sir Primal not to take away from what you said, but I have only seen a few. Either way you make a great point and we should keep the politics on the down low.

    Plenty of political forums are on the web for this sort of content, so lets keep is laid back and friendly in here.


  3. Strangerous

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    There's a specific length of time a man can group hug without any type of questions thrown at his orientation, and when it nears that time... you gotta let go.
  4. AndrewST

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    Ok you win. Until next time!

    /exits the room
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    Just a restatement of the obvious: The lounge is just a place to shoot the breeze. Politics, while a subject that drives us all, really don't belong here. As was mentioned before,there are some GREAT political discussion boards out there that many HPFF members are on, and I'm ALL about encouraging them. But here, it's a gun forum and far be it from us to bring conflicting views into a place where we ALL agree on one thing: Things that go boom are good :D
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    Yes, we all have to be 'protected' from ourselves. :roll:
  7. If you have a problem with the "no political topics" rule, take it to Jones, he's the one that made 'em.