Front Rail mounted to ATI Stock--Now with photos

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  1. I actually got around to finished another Hi-Point project.
    I can't remeber if i told you folks, but I purchased a rail from the gun show a few weeks back with the intentions of mounting it on the front of my Hi-Point 995 in the ATI stock. Well, when my friend brought me the rail, (i didn't make it to the show so he picked it up for me) I noticed that the rail sloped at a bit. It was originally designed for an AR-15 so the slope was nessessary. Luckily a co-worker has access to a milling machine
    and was able to slice off a bit from the bottom. Now it's nice and level.
    I had to cut about an inch and a half off of one end of the rail but no problems there. I removed my front cover off of the ATI stock,marked the cover so that the holes would be straight, drilled my 3 holes in the cover,then mounted the rail using 5mm cap screws and the mounting nuts that came with the rail. It was a nice solid mount. Took the old girl out yesterday evening and sighted in the red-dot. It works great. I feel that it is more solid than the rail that mounts on the reciever cover.
    I'll post photos hopefully in the next few days.
    Just thought I'd share that with ya.
  2. Yeah, post some pics! I'd like to see what you've described...

  3. Someone here had one with a similar mod. It looked ultra sweet. As soon as I get some time... and money, I'm doing that to mine. I want to incorporate the original stock... minus the barrel "heat shield".
  4. I've been wanting to get a trirail for a cx4 storm for awhile, those look reeaaal sweet on the ATI
  5. Yeah, With the top rail and the Beretta Tri-Rail, it looks pretty freakin' awesome. And it's all functional too. I'll try to have some photos posted by tomorrow night but I can't promise anything.
  6. So where are the photos?
  7. I, unfortunately, do not have a camera of my own so I rely on a friend who does have the ability. I will post just as soon as I get the photos taken. It's been a rough couple of weeks so I apologize for the lateness.
    Hopefully, I will be purchasing a digital camera at the first of the year so it won't be an issue.
  8. Well folks, I'm sorry about not posting photos earlier but here they are now:
    This one shows how I mounted the rail on the inside of the front cover:


    This is the front end up close:

    This is the product fully mounted on the cover:

    This is the rail mounted on the cover on the gun:

    A shot of it from the front at an angle:

    Here she is ready to go:

  9. That looks great man!!!!!!! I love to see people doing these kind of things to there guns!!!!!

    Good work.
  10. Well thank you sir!
    I think the next thing will be a barrel shroud.
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    It looks good but I'm not sure if it's more solid. The 1 piece rail is a more solid rail than the stock setup, but the stock rail is secured to the receiver cover in 2 places and the receiver cover is held solidly in place with 2 bolts. I know on ar15s, we never mount optics onto the plastic handguards with a piece of rail attached, too much movement. Granted the ATI stock cover is a little more secure than the 2 piece AR15 handguards. But for all intents and purposes, I think it will serve you well. It's a nice mod and looks good. Just saying the factory setup is probably a little more secure but I think both would work really well.
  12. Well, I've had bad experiences with the factory rail that mounts on the reciever cover. I never could get rid of the wobble mine had, so I wanted to give this a try. It's worked so far, and it's not like I'm taking it into a firefight. If that ever was to happen, it would stay in the gun safe.
    That's what the AKs are for.
    This was more just for plinking purposes and for fun.
    I understand what you're saying though too.
  13. If nothing else, you could glue that rail in addition to the screws/bolts that you have on there now.

    All it would take is a $2.00 tube of polyurethane construction adhesive from Lowe's or Home Depot, apply the adhesive and spritz with water *The water activates the adhesive, making it bond tighter, and more quickly as well* install the rail and wipe away any excesses from the area. Give it 2 hours and you'll never get that thing off the gun.

    I used to use that polyurethane on concrete floors to keep my tack strips down with the concrete was too brittle to take nails. I'd wait 2 hours and then stretch the carpet as tight as I wanted to and the tack strips wouldn't come loose. One time I tried to take some of that tack strip up, and the glue never let go, I had to break the concrete loose under the glue. That stuff is serious for bonding stuff.
  14. That actually sounds like a good idea. Thanks. This forum is good about getting ideas for the time when you get to make the mods.
  15. Good stuff Primal. It's not like I'm going to be taking the rail on and off now anyway.It's intended to be permanent.So That is not a bad idea at all. Thank you for the suggestion.
  16. Oh and Patriot, I love the look of that red dot mounted scout style... Good stuff buddy!
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    +1 on that. for a shtf situation, i'm grabbing my one of my ar15's and a bug out bag full of 30 round mags. will also have my glock holstered. the 10 round mags makes the hipoint just a range toy. i'll probably have to pause to decide which ar15 gets to go out and play.