Front Sight Reality Check - An assault analyzed

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  1. Below is a video of a brutal assault that happened in a woman's home in the state of New Jersey. The assault is analyzed:

  2. bscar

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    2 key words there: New Jersey

    It's easier to buy heroin or cocaine in NJ than it is to legally get a gun there

  3. Watching the video really ticked me off. If I were her and could have got access to my gun in time I would have had no problem pulling the trigger.

    This thug just had no conscience. Beating this woman in the awful manner he did for absolutely no reason.
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    That was just ****ing sickening...
  5. Think1st

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    That piece of trash should have gotten the chair for what he did to that woman. The wanton violence shows the true nature of someone who will never be a proper member of civilized society. Warehousing scum like him is useless. What exacerbates matters is that he probably won't serve many years, and he'll end up getting out to do the same thing or something worse.
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    Your right. Some sh!thouse lawyer will plead it down to a misdemeanor assault and he'll get some ankle jewelry for a couple weeks or whatever. This dirtbag should have been dropped like a turd from a tall horse. Do we even know if he was caught? :mad:
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    This You Tube Video left me with many unanswered questions.

    I'd like to know what was the reason for the home invasion. Was it robbery, retribution, a racial hate crime?

    I'd also like to learn if the bad guy was ever caught and if so, what was the outcome of his arrest?

    I don't think many people have cameras throughout their house constantly recording video. Why did this family have it?

    The room in this video seems to indicate a fairly nice home. What was the neighborhood like?

    How did this home get targeted?

    Where did the attacker live relative to this home, and how did the attacker get to this house? Did he walk, drive, come by bus, or get dropped off.

    Was there an accomplish outside the home watching for neighbors or police?
  8. Think1st

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    It appears that he targeted the house, randomly. The camera was a nanny cam. I'm not sure if it was something that just ran all the time, or if the woman just forgot to turn it off.

    It sounds like the scumbag, Shawn Custis, was a lifelong criminal, prior to this event, which actually happened in 2013. After a pretty extensive search, I found no articles indicating a sentence having been passed, yet. Who knows? Maybe it is still not yet adjudicated. All I can say is that he should have been taken out and shot a long time ago. When people habitually reoffend after each parole or probation sentence, they demonstrate that they will never change.

    He is an indicator of what happens when people are allowed to run rogue, endlessly. They eventually become emboldened to escalate the violence of their crimes.
  9. MaryB

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    Time for the return of old fashioned justice, trial in front of a judge the same day, string them up from a tree when found guilty. Remove these animals from society so they do not breed, do not hurt anyone else, do not disrupt another persons life... they show zero respect for life so they should forfeit theirs.
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    On the plus side... I think I'm in love with the young lady at 3:52. Did you see that draw? Lightning fast, great form, and she just blasted those two targets.