Front sight shifted?

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  1. Picked up a used 4595 several days ago. Took it to the range to dial it in and have found an issue with the factory sights. I have had to adjust the rear sight windage nearly all the way to the left to get on target. I noticed the front sight mount is held in place by set screws and this has me wondering if it is possible that front sight may have been knocked out of place?
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    the short answer is yes, mine was that way. I centered the rear sight, and then moved the front sight a little at a time to line everything up. when it was right, I removed the set screws one at a time and used locktite.

  3. Cool. I figured with all of that front sight towering out there, it wouldn't take much of a whack to knock it off line. Probably the reason this rifle ended up in a pawn shop cause when I brought it home, I literally could not hit the broadside of a barn with the rear sight set in the middle. Appreciate the response!
  4. So, with my windage cranked nearly all the way to the left, which way would I need to move the front sight to be heading in the right direction after putting the rear sight back in the middle?
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