FS 995 TS Laser and Compensator

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  1. Hi,

    Just received my new 995, came with a compensator/muzzle brake and laser.
    I have no use for these, nothing wrong with them, I just do not use lasers.

    Will sell both for $50.00, shipping to lower 48. May trade for other parts, ie
    magazines folding front grip?

    [email protected], not sure if email listing is allowed, saw many
    web site listings.


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  2. Sold, thanks for the interest

    The compensator and laser have been sold, not sure if I should delete the
    post, will take advise. I am new to selling on this forum.

  3. thanks ron...
    received the stuff today
    AA+++++, stand up guy if anybody else is interested!
  4. Thanks, first time sell on the forum. Hi-point owners seem to be on the up and up.
    I have always enjoyed my hi-points.