FS: 995 w/3mags and pouch:SOLD PENDING FUNDS

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  1. Handlebar

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    FS: Hi-Point 995 with exactly 100 flawless rounds down the tube.
    It comes with 3 mags and a butt pouch, extra firing pin and FP springs.
    $180.00 + shipping (USPS most likely)--I have $237 in the 995 without the scope, so this is not a bad deal.

    If you want an UltraDot Red dot scoped attached price would be
    $230.00 + shipping (the UltraDot alone runs between $119-$149 based on Natchez Shooter Supply prices). I am looking to fund a new project, that is why I am selling.

    New Price: $220 includes shipping in Florida
    $190.00 FTF in Florida

    If interested,contact me at:
    [email protected][/b]
  2. thekrnel

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    do you want to sell the red dot scope seperate? how much. how does it mount?

  3. Handlebar

    Handlebar Guest

    No, I will either keep it as a set or use the red dot on another gun. I was hoping it would be an incentive to buy the 995. I want to get a Mac 10 and I have to sell one to get another. Thanks for looking.