FS: G&P Eotech 552 CLONE

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  1. Pumpgunner870

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    For sale:

    LNIB G&P Eotech 552 clone

    Identical in look and feel as an authentic Eotech 552. Powered by 2 AA batteries, approximately 200 hours run time on a single set of batteries.

    Retical is a 5MOA outer ring with 1MOA inner dot. Retical is red or green, swapped by the "NV" button on the back of the unit. 20 intesity settings.

    Very easy to zero and allows for quick target aquisition but also pinpoint accuracy.

    Mounts on standard M1913 picatinny rail or weaver rail with a slotted thumb screw.

    I've had this unit for a few months and upgraded to an authentic Eotech unit. Unit looks and functions as new, no scratches or marks on the unit. Comes with orginal box, instructions, and (1) set of batteries.

    $95.00 shipped inside continental US.


  2. griff30

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    Looks nice on the 995!

  3. Wow, didn't know they were making eotech clones yet! Nice.
  4. How does it stand up to recoil? I have had several scopes on my guns and they always take a crap on me for that reason.
  5. elguapo

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    Question: is that the aimpoint clone 3x magnifier on it, and if so, how does it work out with the EOtech? Very tempting, but as Primal asked hows it handle recoil?
  6. Pumpgunner870

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    Well, is it sold now. Let a guy borrow it to try on his Beretta Neos yesterday and he loved it. Thought it would look really bulky on that gun but it really gave it a neat look, kind of sci fi looking.

    I put about 500 rounds through my 995 with the Eotech clone and had no issues with it at all wandering from zero. It hit at POA every time and was very quick to re-aquire a target at close range but also precise enough for a 50yd. offhand shot.

    The 3x magnifier works great. It also was a clone. They have both Aimpoint and Eotech Style clones available. I went with the Aimpoint as it worked better with the forward mounting ring so that my flip up rear sight would fit underneath of it. I like the quick disconnect mount as I can simply take it off and stow in my pocket until needed. I like the Idea of the flip to side mount, but i'd rather be able to remove the magnifier.

    I can't compare the quality to an authentic Eotech as it can't compete with the real thing. But for a cheap optic that performs I was quite happy with it. Only reason I decided to swap to the real thing is that the reticle was not quite as visible in bright light on light targets. I shoot IDPA with my carbine and speed is the name of the game. In bright sunlight on the cardboard targets the retical would get washed out and be harder to pick out. But for general range plinking it is a great deal.
  7. I was thinking about using a fakepoint magnifier on my eotech, but dont know if i'd have the space with my buis in the down position. Might have to try it.