FS in Houston Optics Ready Sig 556

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    This is a slightly used Sig 556, it has roughly 600rds through it and comes with the Samson front sight.

    The original stock has been replaced with a M4 stock and with a CAA stock saddle, the gun shoots great, has some handling marks from being in the safe and has brass marking behind the ejection port (they all do this)

    I'm not 100% sure if I want to sell this or not but if I do (and remember that this does have the $125 Samson front sight)

    $1200 shipped

    That's a lot less than what they're selling for now without the sight.

    IM or email me if intrested, I can get more pics if there's intrest as well. I am the original owner of this rifle and it's serial # is in the 39XX range.

    Now I will consider trades as well but I'm looking to ge ta large chunk of cash out of this rifle, so say you have a Glock 17 or 34 and $800 then we can talk.

    I'm open to trade offers but like I said I'm really looking for a large chuck of cash out of this deal, I"m looking for:

    9mm AR
    .223, 7.62x39, 9mm, .40 ammo
    Glock 17 or 34 (perfer OD green)
    S&W 642
    Sig 226 9mm

    What I'm NOT looking for
    FAL. G3, HK91 etc...

    Let me know what ya got!