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    Thanks all.
  2. Sorry dude, but that is way over priced considering you can buy a brand new one for the same price or cheaper in some areas.

  3. That my be true in some (most) areas, but not so in SE Michigan. What do you think is a fair price?
  4. If you're looking for an honest opinion, I would suggest 125 if it's in like new condition with very few rounds through it. If you have extra mags and or ammo, a few bucks more, but I'd say at 125 a FTF is likely if there's anyone in your area.
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    They go for $179 + tax around here. Price looks just fine to me.
  6. Was just putting in some requested input. Will gladly delete it if user wishes me to.
  7. They run about $150 in the Atlanta area, and I'd pay $125 for a like-new specimen. And that raises a legal issue: I live in GA, but was working in MI a few weeks ago. Can I do a FTF while I'm on the road somewhere, stick it in a locked case, and declare it at the airport? I may have a shot at such a deal somewhere else in coming weeks.
  8. I do not think so farmkid because it is my understanding you legally have to live in the same state to do a face to face with a pistol

    You could have him send it from his ffl to your ffl if it can be worked out and still be a good buy
  9. Apparently that's not necessarily true. 4095fanatic did some research on this, and sent me the details in a PM... I no longer have the PM since I was 200% on PM inbox and had to dump the whole lot of 'em....

    4095, if you still have that information please share it.
  10. I would be interested to hear it Primal, I live in Okla and had a guy in Arkansas wanting to buy a pistol from me face to face and I called the BATF in Houston and asked them. The person I talked to said it was a no no

    If I am wrong, I owe the guy that wanted to buy my pistol an apology

    There is always the chance that the guy at the BATF didn't know what he was talking about, but I passed on the sale just to be safe.

    I know you can do it with a rifle, my brother is a truck driver and buys long guns here and there and mails them to himself. We found on the ATF site where that can be legally done. It says "for hunting or other lawful purposes"

    But again, thats long guns
  11. $125-$135 for a used .45 sounds right on. Throw in some rounds and im sure you can get a little more.