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    Have a great SCCY CPX FS as I have too many 9 mm's. This LNIB SCCY CPX-2 comes with two factory SCCY Magazines, Gun Lock w/keys, Original Box, User's Manual, Warranty Card, and other paper work. Gun includes a transferable unlimted lifetime warranty. Gun was bought new & is in excellent condition. Have shot less than 120 rds. Bought for CCW but have not carried.
    There are NO taxes or paperwork required, just be 21 or older with a valid TX license or CHL. FTF is $265 or $285 shipped.
  2. wganz

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    I'm in Plano. I have a TX CHL.
    What city/town do you live in? Need to see if you're in reasonable driving distance to pick up.

  3. moona11

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    Would u ship to ND have work ID LEO and a CCW.
  4. moona11

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    Please post pics
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    Doesn't matter what you have. No need to prove anything if it has to go through a FFL.
  6. moona11

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    True, but I can also get it shipped to my department.
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    Bleh. Hour and a half drive there for me.
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    **Withdrawan** SCCY CPX 2 NOT FOR SALE

    WITHDRAWN NO longer available
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    NE Utah
    Sheesh. I drive that far to see a movie.:rolleyes:
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    Isn't Utah a fairly open state where the next closest town is like 30 miles away? :p
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    And by town, they mean two houses closer than 5 miles apart.
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    yes. yes i do