FS: Mossberg 100 ATR .270win (KS) PRICE REDUCED AGAIN!

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  1. tsmith05

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    I have a NIB Mossberg 100 ATR rifle chambered in .270win. I bought it a month ago to use for deer season but did not get around to using it.


    *Top loading, 4+1 magazine
    *Side lever safety
    *Integral synthetic trigger guard
    *Factory installed Weaver-style scope bases
    *Integrated swivel studs for quick-release sling swivels
    *Free-floating button-rifled barrels for supreme accuracy
    *Recessed muzzle crown provides protection for consistent accuracy
    *Rubber recoil pad aids recoil reduction and stable positioning




    Thanks. :)
  2. tsmith05

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    Bump! Any more cash or trade offers?


  3. tsmith05

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  4. slowbalt

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    bump for good seller
  5. tsmith05

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    Thanks! Still available!!

  6. tsmith05

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    How about $275?!?!?! I am also interested in trading towards an AK47 or glock 17.

  7. Wow, your about 15-30 minutes away from me depending on what I drive.
  8. 3daughters

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    I have this rifle and love it. It's a tough no frills kind of hunting rifle. Accuracy is excellent. I have no complaints about mine.
  9. tsmith05

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    This rifle is brand new, it will definitely make somebody very happy! I need the cash right now so it has to go.

  10. Dude, if I was home and not TDY, I'd be interested... Trying to do an FFL transfer while out of town would suck though.