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FS: Norinco Type 59 (Makarov)

$800 (+ $25 Shipping)

Norinco Type 59 (Makarov): A faithful copy of the famous Russian Makarov by the Norinco company, import of this gun has been banned since 1993, when President Bill Clinton leveled trade restrictions. This rare "Chinese Makarov" is a must have for Makarov collectors or Norinco collectors. There is minimal wear on the finish just in front of the trigger guard and the pistol is in excellent condition. The pistol comes with the two (2) original 8-round magazines, also in excellent condition. Most rare yet, the original box is part of the package; a virtual holy grail for collectors. The box is in very good shape, with no tears. The original styrofoam inserts, tall and short rear dove-tail sights, cleaning rod, owner's manual, and even the original plastic bag is still there.

Collectors, you will NEVER find this package again, particularly in this good condition.


Note: this item is listed off site.

Peace favor your sword,
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