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FTF problem

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I am getting ready to take a CC course so I went out to get in a little practice.

I had problems with about 10% FTF. Most of them were nose high failures.

Any thoughts as to what would be causing this. I was using Winchester shells that I purchased at WalMart. Never used them before, any chance that could be the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.
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What pistol do you have? Definately try a few different brands of ammo. Firm wrist and elbow. Let someone else try it, to see if it does same thing. If still having problems call them.
I have the C9. I have had some FTF before, but a lot more than normal last night. :cantlook:

You said "Firm wrist and elbow", how would that cause a FTF?
It's called "limp wrist(ing)."

The HP firearm is a blowback design with a heavy slide to help reduce felt recoil. The escaping gasses from the fired shell force the slide backward, ejecting the spent casing and bringing a new cartridge to the chamber.

In a bench vise, the HP's will almost never fail to feed. (But will fail to feed more often with Winchester White Box ammo [AKA=WWB], even in a vice.)

Held in the hand, with a less than firm grip, some of the energy from the rearward movement of the slide is lost because the whole gun moves instead of just the slide.

Usually, as you get more rounds through your C9, you will find that it ejects and chambers much more consistently on any ammo, even WWB.

Also, for qualifying for your CCW, practice with the same ammo you will use for the qualification. There is a difference in the placement of shells between brands of ammo. Not so much of a concern with a 50% requirement on a shillouette target at 7-10 yards. But here, for CCW, we have to hit >60% at 50 feet on an NRA B3 target...

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Thank you, you learn something every day. Different ammo and a strong wrist, I will give both a better try.
worst case feed it +P or +P+ self defense ammo to break it in. that stuff has penlty of power to cycle things even if they are a littel rough.

Tried two different shells and a better grip and I am still having a problem, not as bad, but it is still there. Most feed problems stand straight up (is this what they call a stove pipe?). After I get done with my class this weekend I will tear it down and do some polishing and a complete clean. I will take my Ruger 22 as a backup just in case this one starts giving me major problems. A few feed problems won't hurt me to bad but I want to keep them to a minimum for my class.
try loading one or two rounds less and see what happens. Usually during a CCW class they have you shoot in blocks and not a full 10 mag so you should be OK if you only load 8 or 9.
+1 on loading fewer rounds. Not sure about your class, but my CCW was 4 blocks of 5 rounds each. If you can get through 6-8 w/out failure you should be ok.
When it does feed, how far do the empty eject? if it doesn't eject far and the incoming round is hitting the outgoing one its a bad firing pin assembly
When it does feed, how far do the empty eject? if it doesn't eject far and the incoming round is hitting the outgoing one its a bad firing pin assembly
Firing pin? Is the firing pin part of the extraction/ejection process?
Yeah the firing pin acts as the ejector.
Right out of the box, the brass wouldn't even make it out of the chamber, thought it might be the ammo, tried more ammo same thing, called HP, explained everything, they sent a new pin and spring and its awesome! the brass flies now!
I had one FTF during qualifying. I think fewer shells did help. When I got it home I tore it down and polished the feed ramp just to see if that would help. A trip to the range should help me know that.

I did out shoot the high priced guns by a long ways. I guess spending a lot of money on a gun doesn't make you a good shot! ^-^

How far should the shells be kicking out? At what point should I think that it is my firing pin?
even with 1 bullet it would not make it out of the chamber, the breass should eject out atleast a yard
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