Full blown murder

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    I hate to say it also, but after watching the video there appears to be no danger to the officer at all. It will be interesting to see what happens at trial.
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    I rarely say this but OMFG....
    That is bad.
    He's just standing there carefully taking aim.
    No attempt to chase him down or anything.
    Broad daylight in a park.
    Some people just join the police for the wrong reasons.
    I usually support LEO but this is.....bad
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    I heard the shots but I didn't clearly hear the officer order him to stop or anything. Even if he did have the stun gun the dude was clearly fleeing and presented no physical threat or danger to the officer.
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    Unbelievable, just unbelievable . . .
  6. I give SC credit, they don't tolerate stupidity, by anyone.
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    That doesn't look good at all...
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    Saw that on FB just a bit ago.... Bad..... Real bad..... No way to explain this one.... 100% wrong....
    The only thing I can say, is when are people going to quit fighting cops?..... You can't win, and if you're not fortunate, you're going to die...
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    So now CNN is saying that if the incident hadn't been recorded, then the officer would have gotten away with it. I guess that they don't put much stock in physical evidence like a pile of spent casings located a good 30-40 feet from the fallen man or the bullet holes all entering from the rear.

    Then again, if they did put much thought into the value of physical evidence, they'd shut up about Ferguson.

    By the way. They keep talking about the ethnicities of the cop and the guy he shot, a factor that really is irrelevant. I wonder why they so heavily emphasize the ethnicities in cases like this. Aren't those tolerant people supposed to be color-blind? :confused:
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    NE Utah
    There is a WHOLE lot of weird in that video and story.

    Apparently, the cop used the taser...why?
    After the taser, I guess...it looks like the guy is handicapped as he runs. I mean, Special Olympic style running.

    And the cop just shoots him? Any cop that isn't failing his physical fitness tests could have caught him.

    Really bad.

    There has to be more to the story. Not enough to justify the shooting; I think the cop is guilty. But I'm wondering what went wrong in his head to come to that action.:confused:
  11. I believe the deceased had a warrant, not sure what for. The officer could have been thinking he was a fleeing felon, so he was covered legally to shoot. Seems he figured wrong.

    This is the second officer charged in a shooting an unarmed citizen in less than a year for shooting an unarmed man. It would appear that South Carolina is not the state to be careless with firearms. Both incidents were caught on video.

    Record record record, it protects both the officer, and the citizen.

    It would appear that the victim owed child support.

    "Attorney L. Chris Stewart, who is representing the Scott family, said the victim may have tried to run from the officer because he owed child support, which can get someone sent to jail in South Carolina until they pay it back. There were no violent offenses on his record, the attorney added. "

    Looked at the video again and the officer finally runs, to go back and pick up an object, and then later drop that object by the body. Not good, not good at all.
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    Bad bad bad. That officer unloaded like it was Vietnam

    I don't want to offend anybody but again, as I see way too often, why must people resist arrest. The officer is certainly at fault, but I am telling you right now if the suspect didn't take off running, this would not have happened. Doesn't change anything I'm just putting that out there.
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    That cop looked like he was target practicing. They better hang that sob.
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    Did you guys see that crooked cop go over and pick up the taser immediately after shooting and then drop it by the body. What a bad bad bad officer!
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    More training my butt, his training seems to have kicked in just fine and not in the right way. 1st degree premeditated murder, that cop was on a mission, he was going to make a stop / arrest no matter what!
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    that cop is a cold blooded murderer. I think the heat of the moment got to his brain, lack of training and rationale. His panic got the better of him, which is why I said he lacked the proper training. Absolutely no need to pop off 8 rounds into a guy who's fleeing, unarmed, and like a wounded cow.
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    Weird thing was to me, as soon as he fired the last shot, he paused & then looked directly at the camera.
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    i bet the guy filming was in fear for his life after he saw that cop make eye contact lol. You can hear the camera person's reaction after the shots fired.
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    Not to point out the pink elephant in the room but in this case I would understand civil unrest and demonstrations.
    Michael Brown was a thug, this guy a deadbeat dad just trying to live his life.
    It looks like he got tazed and then ran away hence his Special Olympics running style.