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What should I buy?


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  • Ruger American Competition

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A few weeks ago I posted about lusting over a Star M43 Firestar. Yes, the pistol is still at the LGS, at least as of yesterday morning, and no I (obviously) did not buy it. I think the wait that life forced on me let me come to my senses. I already have 2 all metal 7 + 1 9mm’s. The KAHR K9 and the Kimber Micro 9. As much as I like the M43, it is really just a redundancy.

What I don’t have is a duty size 9mm. Always wanted a Beretta 92, or it’s South American counterpart, The Taurus PT92. Both are out of stock at the distributors my LGS checked for me.

There is a lot of love for the CANiK pistols on this forum. I have been reviewing the METE pistols. Lots of love for these it seems. I do like the META SFx. Just not a real fan of plastic pistols.
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The Ruger American Competition is another I am looking at. While it is plastic, the plastic is nothing more than glorified grips. It is built around a stainless steel chassis. I have one in 9mm, the compact version. I also have the duty size, but it’s in 45 acp. The Ruger also comes in some $50 below the CANiK. That will allow me to purchase an American pistol insert and I would have commonality between my American Pistols and my PC Carbine, and would still have enough left over to buy a Fishermans Platter at the local fish house. ( still sort of miffed at Ruger for making a Ruger insert an add on, while making the GLOCK insert a standard item ).
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Pretty sure that I am going to let the LGS order the American Pistol Competition for me tomorrow. If for no other reason than it will compliment my PC Carbine. But I am going to throw this out there just in case someone wants to convince me why I should buy the CANiK over the Ruger. Come on CANiK lovers, convince me! Let’s have some fun!
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