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Full length rail for ATI 995

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I've been hunting for a full length rail for my 995 after Bushman closed his doors. I've thought about buying a rail blank and drilling it to fit but I thought I'd ask if anyone is producing one as of right now. So does anyone know of a full length rail for the ATI 995 carbine?
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Yes, I've seen them, they're out there you'll just have to look for them. It would be easy to just chop you up a rail and put one on the top or side or wherever it is that you are wanting to attach it.
Here is a full length rail from Bushman Products on an ATI Stock however Bushman is currently out of production. I found this one for sale on eBay for $20. If you have a hack saw, drill and some mechanical skill it would be easy to make one. You can buy the blanks from several suppliers. Just do a search for picatinny rail.
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I see them on ebay fairly often. There's a few other people besides Bushman that have made them in the past. Like others have said, it's not that difficult to make one yourself.
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