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  1. I was bored last night and sorting though the ammo I got at the gun show (800 rounds of loose chinese ammo for around 115 dollars). I was picking out the brass ammo (about 22 rounds worth) and just enjoying it.

    I decided to take a fun picture of the ammo:


    Here is the ammo put into ammo cans:


    Mind you, that isn't 800 rounds on the ground and in the tins, thats probably closer to around 1400-1450 rounds worth of ammo, I added yesterday's score to what I already had in loose ammo.

    Post your fun AK pictures.
  2. Man I need to buy some more ammo

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    K, I'll bite. I'm thinking, based on the title, that you want people to post pics of their AKs, correct?

    I currently have about 15 total rounds of ammo, so I can't get any shots like yours, but here's a couple pics of my AKs.

    One was finished this Thursday, the other was finished the week before Christmas. The furniture was just redone over the last week.

    They'll both be getting a re-parkerized in the next week or two.

    Also put my wife's blue furniture on one of the guns to take pics. Her build won't be completed until next week.

    Oh, and is that Chinese ammo? I remember my dad buying a case of 1000 rounds of that stuff for like $60 shipped, back in '93... He still hasn't opened the case, and probably won't... Hang onto the Chinese stuff!

  4. Maybe these ladies can make you think that Reading Is Fun:


    Green can be a very fun color! :D
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    Fingers on the triggers... :roll:
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    Those women not only have dangerous bodies, their firearms handling skills are equally dangerous. -1
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    Those ladies are holding guns????? Didn't notice :lol:
  8. Only someone totally unfamiliar with guns would pose for a picture with their finger on the trigger!


    Oh... :p
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    There's a difference between being unfamiliar with guns, and being unfamiliar with safe gun handling procedures...

    An engineer does not a safety-expert make...
  10. Bobotech I though long and hard about buying a rifle like yours and got the Romak 3 instead. Do you like your rifle?



    Im adding in the Saiga since it is a Saiga ;)
  11. Yup, i love your rifles too.

    I also have a PSL sitting in my safe. Along with 5 mags and about 3000 something rounds of lightball 54r. :)
  12. Oh yeah, I like the other rifle and the drum, is that a chinese one as well?
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    Sorry about the bad photo.. I am working on getting a new camera

  14. I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing "Zora" ;)

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    0 :|
  17. OK, I'll play. Here's my WASR all cleaned up, broke in, sanded, stained, bolt polished...

  18. Here's mine. The Red dot has been replaced with a 4-9X40 scope.