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    Went to the range today with the new to me 12 guage and all the other firearms....

    woot.. 12 guage is a fun animal lol... not as much kick that I thought there would be, but enough kick to where I should feel it in my shoulder

    Fired the 22 revolver... that was fun... then swapped out the wheel for the one chambered for the 22 magnums.. now THAT was great! lol.. I know the 380 and 9mm provided more punch, but there was something to be said for firing 22 magnums compared to 22lr... in a revolver at that... got me thinking.. a revolver of some sort may be the next purchase down the line lol... here is a pic of the 22 revolver. along with the 25 cal lorcin, still gotta try to fix the mag or buy a new one:


    Wife and I practiced with our respective pistols from 20 feet.. my c9 and her 380.. I gotta say.. I still suck lol.... but her.. she is really doing great with her 380.. she is getting more comfortable with it the more she shoots...

    Here is a pic of her target... I circled her shots.. from 20 feet.. 7 rounds.. 5 hits...


    the other holes are from the scoped 22lr... tryin to zero that new scope in.. ran out of time though...
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    and another one turns to the dark side...jk but the 12 gauge shotgun is quite a hoot to play with. congrats.