Function check after take down and cleaning

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by hp995tsfg, May 31, 2015.

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    I have taken down my HP 995 twice since purchasing this year. Not easy but manageable. I felt the need to function test it after take down, but can't shoot any where near my home. So I decided to prime an empty 9mm case with a primer and pop it off in the garage. Pointed in a safe direction and without a magazine inserted.

    I felt good knowing it would fire and made up 4 more primed cases. Does any one see a safety issue with this idea?
  2. SWAGA

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    No....but you can function check with snap caps too.

  3. hp995tsfg

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    Thanks. I wore out my 9 mm snap caps chambering and ejecting them. Did not take long to ruin them in the 995.
  4. moona11

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    The best way to function test it is use a dummy rounds that weigh the same as real rounds Remington makes them but not cheap. Or you can use steel cased without a primer just add bullet and use a tight crimp. Load the mag and rake it as fast as you would shoot it. Pull the trigger and hold it back then retake it and slowly release the trigger you should hear the trigger rest and pull the trigger again to see if it works. Mark those dummy rounds and never have live ammo around when you clean or work on your gun. Safety first.
  5. hp995tsfg

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    Great suggestion except for leaving out the primer. A 995 use the primer to leverage the spent round. First time I ran home a round without a primer was crazy frustrating to eject. I know how now though.

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    I should of added that you put a filler in the primer pocket like a peace of rubber or even a old USED primer. Not be using a live primer to test to see if the gun functions. If you have any doubts about it firing go to the range and fire of a few. Not in your garage.