Function question on the JHP .45

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  1. I Took apart the slide for cleaning on my JHP .45 for the first time today and found it a little challenging to get it back on after cleaning. before getting it back together i noticed a L shaped metal piece that hung down where the magazine would go, i wasnt sure if it was suppost to be hanging down in there all loose or not. Can someone figure this out for me that would be great. lastely i noticed after putting in the magazine that i am able to take the magazine out manually (with a little force ) without the magazine release. not sure if that is standard or if that is just because of that little L metal piece...


  2. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOST TO CLEAN THEN???!! Send it back to have the slide cleaned and barrel?
  3. All you have to do for quite a few rounds is swab the barrel and wipe out the chamber area with your finger and a rag, and lock the slide back and turn it upside down and put a few drops of oil on the bottom of the slide.
  4. so there is no need to take apart the slide at all then am i correct, well i still am unsure about the little L piece in there. i mean everything cocks well and saftey up fine but the magazine can still be pulled out without button but will stay in there fine even so.
  5. No real reason to take the slide off for regular cleanings.

    It sounds like you have something not lined up correctly or something.

    Maybe someone here can help, or you may think of sending it back to the factory for them to look at.
  6. nvm anyway i fixed it no prob now =)