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  1. Well it's been awhile since we had a post starting pictures of goofy, funny, weird, or just strange pictures. Plus we have plenty of new users who may be able to contribute. What brought this all on was I was going through my camera and realized how many pictures I had on there recently.

    First the most recent...a few minutes ago. Wife called me today
    her: "There's squirrels in the pool!"
    me: "are they wearing sunblock?"
    her: "THEY ARE DEAD!"
    me: "See, I told you it's important to wear sunblock"
    her: "I'M SERIOUS"
    me: "Me too"

    Don't know what happened, might have been a mass suicide squirrel cult, maybe one too many rodent martinis, whatever it was, there was three of them buggers for me to fish out when I got home and catapult over the fence (it actually was as much fun as it sounds), and all I could think the whole time is it would be a blast if primal had been around.

    Next is that snooty stuck up priss cat of the wifes being less then lady like.

    And of course what happens when 140 pounds of goober battles the discharge hose of the pool pump while it is backwashing while I'm not paying attention.

  2. Awwww, poor little squirrel. But what an AWESOME response to the phone call. And yes launching small animals across the yard IS AWESOME! Haven't been recently now that the dog is in the back yard pool are, but there use to be frogs hang around our pool. What would I do. Wit by the pool waiting with the skimmer, and get it under them and launch them across the yard. Oh fun times.

  3. Strangerous

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    Hopefully the squirrel will provide food for the boogeyman that lives just outside your back fence.
    To not Hi-Jack! .... :
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    The only thing that tops launching those tree rats across your backyard is hunting them in your basement with a .357 magnum.

  5. They word "overkill" comes to mind.............

    I had a video of a guy that built a big sling shot that flung squirrels out of his yard when they took the bait. Wish I could find it now.......
  6. I found it on u-tube!

  7. That's good stuff! LOL
  8. ROFLMAO! That squirrel launcher was cool! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. browwiw

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    That is pure genius.

    Now all I have to do is scale that up about 500% for groundhogs. Nobody effes with my tomato plants!
  10. Taurus obviously those squirrels were not related to the one that can water ski. :shock:
  11. Maybe they were practicing...although it would appear that they forgot several key pieces of equipment. :p
  12. Oneofsix

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    i dunno, maybe i'm weird but the first thing to pop in my head after seeing the tree rats flying outta the yard was "must be alot of squirrel crap all over his yard now"
    but hilarious, i love it!
  13. ROTFLMFAO X 1 Trillion to the Ga-Jillionth power!!!!

    My wife just yelled at me to STFU, she's trying to sleep!


    Taurus, I miss you dude, I wish I'd been there to see that man!

    "See, I told you it's important to wear sunblock"


    The thing is, I can just IMAGINE the look on his wife's face when Taurus dead-panned that converstation. You guys would have to know Taurus' wife to really get the humor that's hidden in that conversation. His wife isn't really anal about stuff, but she definately takes things on a more serious note.

    Taurus, on the other hand, is a complete retard when it comes to playing jokes, pranks and just being a complete goober about damn near everything he can.

    Anytime I need a laugh, I call Taurus. Thanks for the humor dude, things have been kinda on the drudgery slope around here for a few days. Other than getting the new truck, life has been a bit depressing. I needed that.
  14. What was great was the fact that the pole on my skimmer is about 10 foot, which gave a great catapault effect. I stood 12-15 feet from my fence and easily cleared it by about 20 feet. I wanted to stuff one and put a little life jacket on it, and mount it by the pool as a reminder to any kids of water saftey...but the wife squashed that one. What a waste, and the father in law is a taxadermist too!
  15. 140 pounds of goober.... LMAO!!!

    Dude, you need to call me so I can tell that wife of yours to let you stuff that poor squirrel so that the rest of humanity will learn and know proper pool safety. :wink:
  16. Silicon Wolverine

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    i wanted to make mine into a hat.

  17. A hat with holes in it eh? I wonder how well it'd have kept the rain off?