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OK so I just purchased three new 10 rd mags for my C9 and one of them was glitchy it wouldn't chamber a round and it caused nose up jams at every point except the last two rounds!

Now I could have called hi point except... I am a technician and I figured I would try and fix it first :wink:

What I did was take my good mags 3 8rd and 2 10 rd that worked and measured the feed lips with my trusty dial caliper! then I measured the offending mag.

the offending mag was way too narrow on the rear lips that hold the round at the correct angle and way wide on the front wings.

.012 narrow on the rear lips and .022 wide on the front wings!!!

so I got out the leatherman and tweaked the lips and :shock: the mag worked... like butter...like poop through a goose :lol: you get my point :!:

My main point here is before calling hi point and requesting they send you more mags check the ones you got they may just need adjusted ... and it aint rocket science it was way simple!!

If I had a good video cam I would make a vid and post it on the topic!

The whole project took like 3 min and it was done and the mag works just as good as all the other ones... as in 0 ftf and 0 nose up jams :!:
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