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    For those who have posted a word or name that came out as ****, for instance, D i c k's Sporting Goods, where it came out Dick's Sporting Goods, try using spaces to separate the letters. I noticed someone else tried to cock the hammer on a pistol (c o c k), but was unsuccessful. Oh yeah, when someone uses the word arse, they aren't British :lol: , it's just the text editor doing it's thing again. Apparently a s s isn't allowed either.
  2. I was wondering if people used arse to get around the text editor

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    That's what I thought too, until I typed a s s and it came out arse in the post preview.

    BTW Waltham, any ice where you are?
  4. No, we are right on the line. Nothing but cold rain.

    I am watching the weather and holding my breath. We were out of electricity last year for 9 days and lost everything in 2 freezers. Hope it doesnt happen again this year.