Galco M5x Matrix Holster

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    I have been searching for a great paddle holster for my .45 JHP... The search is over. After taking the time to thoroughly test and torture this holster I'm fully satisfied. Everyone of us Hi Point owners know how heavy our guns are and this was not an issue with the M5x it distributed the weight perfectly throughout the holster. I asked a close friend to try and pull the gun out of the holster from different angles. The only way it would release was when I pulled it out or I allowed him to get at a good angle to get enough leverage to pull it out, this would be impossible in a serious struggle. I rolled, tumbled and jumped even accidentally fell off the ladder while cleaning the gutters and the gun still remained in the holster. Luckily I was not hurt. Furthermore, the M5x is made from thermoplastic which is a lot stronger than kydex and does not retain body heat. it always remains a cooler temperature even when I left it in 90 degree central Florida car heat last week. The holster never comes out of pants when I pull the gun out, heres the best part the thermoplastic required no break in period it felt perfect from day one. Galco's shipping was pretty fast I received it in under a week. I will for sure forever be a customer and supporter of Galco products. The m5x sells for $35.95 and is worth every penny.

    I urge anyone looking for a great Paddle holster to not hesitate and purchase one.

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