Gas injection blade?

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  1. SWAGA

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    Never heard of this before.
    Seems pretty brutal........


    I do know that back in the days of Vietnam the US Navy had trained dolphins that were supposed to puncture VC divers with a probe that would release pressurized air essentially 'blowing' up the saboteurs.
    But in knife form?
  2. Rachgier

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    They also use them as diving knives for sharks.

  3. lklawson

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    It never really took off. To be honest, it sounds nastier than it is. The gas injection doesn't (can') really do a whole lot to increase the damage of the stab. And freezing is a real issue, honestly, which actually reduces the quick lethality of a stab.

    And that's without getting into the difficulty of triggering it at the right time but not too early or too late.

    Kinda like some of the wonder-ammunition out there these days. Just too little return for too much complexity.

    Just stab 'em with a cheap knife. He's just as dead, just as quick. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. The only reason for this blade would be to have something bizarrely useless to wow your knife friends with. Something along the lines of "Well you think that is weird, take a look at THIS!"
    Reminds me of some of the "art knives" out there, useless as a knife but a talking point on the shelf.
    I wonder who they where hoping to market to.