Gasland 2, a documentary about fracking

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    It's quite a sit, more then two hours and it took me two sittings to get through it as it's not very uplifting.
    Apart from the occasional quip about Congress not doing anything it's surprisingly a-political.
    Small town America getting poisoned by the large gas companies.
    If you have any sense of community and you pride yourself in your home and where you come from I recommend you see it.

    Two trailers:



    Part 1 which I haven't seen yet is on Youtube

  2. bluharley

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    This is why we have gas under $3/gallon. We want cheap gas, but we aren't willing to do what we gotta do to get it. It's a real catch-22. I don't know what the answer is. Personally, fracking just seems like a very bad idea.

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    Way to sell it.
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    How do they deal with all of the studies and data points which contradict their conclusions? The usual is to either ignore it as if it doesn't exist or to claim that it's all lies bought and paid for by "Big Oil." Do they do any different from these two standard responses?

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    There is no k in Frac which is short for fracture. I am sitting on a Frac site right now doing 70bpm at 8200psi at surface.
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    And you are welcome for sub $3 gas

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    Saudi's paid for this propaganda. They would frac if they could. They can't becuase it requires water.

    Their fields are drying up. Most of the easy oil is gone. Years ago they didn't even have to pump it out of the ground. Just drill the hole. You can't use salt water to frac. Desalinization plants would have to be built then water pipelines to their fields would be next. Just not practical.

    The Saudi's own large chunks of our media. Including 18% of Fox news.
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  8. bluharley

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    Fracing (no K) would be fine in a desert, but in your backyard over/under your water table can't be good.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The Koolaid is delicious! Fracing has been going on a very long time. It recently started hurting the OPECkers.

    I believe everything on the news.
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    I am fracing in my backyard I am less then ten miles from my house the last well I frac'ed was less then 2 miles and less then a 1/4 mile from city limits. One time we frac'ed right in the city limits of Saco MT that was less then 1400' deep

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Everything on TV is true. :rolleyes: "I know it's true. Oh so true! Cuz I saw it on TV!" John Fogarty

    NBC National Barack Channel
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    If it's on the TV AND the internet, there is no denying.
  13. FlashBang

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    Fracturing has been going on since the late 1940's.... this is not something new.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    What's new is it is hurting the Saudis. They fund the protests, the media, and BS.

    They keep shoving this global warming crap in your face. 50% of the videos on weather. com keep up that BS. The founder of TWC has blasted them on that.

    "It's the sun stupid!" Two years in a row I have not seen 100+ degrees in my town. We had nights in the low 50's this summer, maybe the high 40's. I forget.

    Sun spots are not as frequent. Last 18 years we have actually been cooling. Yet O and the U.N. keep it rolling along. It's about control. Your toilet, your appliances, your car, etc............

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Google Agenda 21 get back with me.

    Did you ever hear O stand in Africa and tell them air conditioning was bad? He did. Guess he never quit smoking crack. (spelled with a K)