Gave in and bought a 995 today.

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    Paid $212 OTD.Shoots pretty good for what it is.The front sight was a little crooked,so I loosened it and moved it a little so the rear windage is now close to center.Only complaint is that the mag has to be jiggled sometimes to get it to go in without snagging half way.Oh,and I lost a shooting spot.The P.D. posted it due to too many people dumping junk on the side of the road.Also,what is the cheapest 9mm ammo?
  2. It's the Holy Grail of shooting. Many threads are posted and comments made due to rumors and sightings. It's the cause of hours wasted roaming from gunstore to sporting goods store to department store ammo counter. Because of it people suffer from lost sleep due to time spent cruising the internet wondering where that elusive site is with the best price.

    When you find out--let me know.


  3. wlecome to the club nsl.. the 995 is a fine and accurate short rifle.. now the ammo question isn't that simple.. i would try your local wally wold (aka wallmart) and see if they have any 9mm in stock.. from there, the internet has many online suppliers, but you just need to catch which supplier has the best price. good luck, and enjoy your weapon.. !!
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    Local Wall Mart has Winchester White box for about $18.95. But my C-9 dosn't like them. Remington JHP are about 21.00 / 100.

    I now reload using lead bullets, for about $10.00 /100. Will get much cheeper when I can cast my own bullets.

    Of course I enjoy reloading almost as much as shooting.
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    Welcome to the family!

    As for the cheapest ammo? I buy the Winchester White Box at wal-mart. I do believe it is still between $6 and $7 a box where I live.
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    Hope you like yours as much as I like mine. I shoot mainly the white boxed walley rounds also, with nary a hitch.