geebus, there is your quick freakin reply. lol

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  1. Hope it makes you happy ;)
  2. OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!

  3. Ridge

    Ridge Member


    Now can we disable the flood blocker on PMs? :D
  4. The flood blocker applies to all aspects of the forum, not just PM's.
  5. Man that was confusing as hell. But I guess it worked :lol:
  6. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Bout dang time. LOL

    I love this. No longer wait for a relaoding pag just to type. You know I am On sprint wireless and it runs about dial up speed. SAD
  7. elguapo

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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm what?
  8. i'm lost too............ same as usual. :D
  9. I noticed that it had appreared, this is my first time trying it.
  10. elguapo

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    (as I type this in the quick reply box) ......
  11. You guys aren't very observant are you?
  12. you talkin' to me. Huh? Huh, punk, you talkin' to me??????

    [ no, I still have no clue... so I guess you ARE talkin' to me.......]
  13. SWEEEEEEET :mrgreen:
  14. Bunch of friggin' retards we got here boys... :mrgreen:
  15. ohhhhhhhh now i get it cool i like this thing. :oops: :mrgreen: