George Zimmerman Suffers Gunshot Wound in Florida: Police

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    Not much info here, but this dude is cursed or something.

    George Zimmerman Suffers Gunshot Wound in Florida: Police

    George Zimmerman apparently suffered a minor gunshot wound on Monday in Florida, police said.

    Chief Steve Bracknell of the Lake Mary police confirmed the account to NBC affiliate WESH. The shooting involved two men, police told the station. The station, citing its own helicopter video, said there was a bullet hole in a vehicle that Zimmerman had been in.

    Zimmerman was acquitted by a Florida jury in 2013 of second-degree murder in killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

    He filed a defamation suit against NBC News in 2012. A judge dismissed that claim last year, and Zimmerman has appealed.

    — Erin McClam

    First published May 11th 2015, 2:17 pm

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    That mission to Mars thing..... He needs to be on it

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    Another, slightly (very slightly) more informative story:

    Putting the two together, is it that the man that Zimmerman was having a "dispute" with took a potshot at him while he was driving?

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    Yeah, linky #2 of my post has a second slightly more informative story with a picture of the bullet hole in the vehicle.
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    Oh oh, where's WW? I always get sh!t for reporting Zimmerman stories, now it's your turn.
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  7. So please report? Tell us what actually happened? I am just dying to hear your theories. Surely you have some since you lose so much sleep over GZ.

    As far as myself, I don't give a flying blank, I spend my time, and energy on something other than obsessions.
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    He likes to push peoples buttons and then whine if he gets it back at him.
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    As I read this situation, Zimmerman was driving down the road minding his own business when the fellow he has had several run-ins with decided to pot George while he was sitting at a light.

    This person, Matthew Apperson, fired one round through the passenger window of Zimmerman's car, spraying broken glass on George with the bullet lodging itself somewhere in the truck body after passing through his mirror.

    Then, Apperson drove into a nearby business yelling that he had shot George Zimmerman and for someone to call the police (911).

    Apperson has alleged that Zimmerman 'waived a pistol' at him and he fired because he was in fear for his life.

    The window that Apperson fired through is heavily tinted making it very difficult to see anything within the vehicle.

    Zimmerman was taken to a hospital by ambulance, treated and released.

    Both parties are co-operating with the Police.

    Zimmerman did NOT fire any weapon that he may have had in his possession.

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    Hmm, on the local news they just said neither are talking until their lawyers get there. Maybe I need to change the channel?
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    Zimmerman's lawyer has already released a statement to the public via the media.

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    WFLA channel 8 in Tampa is lagging.
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    George needs to get the heck out of Florida. He should move to Texas or somewhere he can live out his life in peace.
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    It sounds like Apperson might be a bit of an activist. Anyone who shoots at someone and then yells, in a public place, for someone to call 911, because he'd just shot Zimmerman for waving a gun around, is trying just a little too hard to create a narrative. He knew who he was shooting at and wanted to get away with it.
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    It's not like there isn't a laundry list of people who've promised to "get him"....
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    ^^^ agreed.
    I'm just surprised nobody else ever tried it.
    This Apperson type needs to be put away.
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    Zimmerman does not live in the county where this shooting took place. He was there to visit his mother for Mother's day and to see a doctor for treatment.

    The horrible thing in regards to the media is that they have swallowed Apperson's version of how 'things happened'.

    Apperson alleges that Zimmerman waived a gun at Apperson and Apperson fired his gun at Zimmerman as he (Apperson) was in fear for his life. This in spite of the heavy tinting of Zimmerman's vehicle.

    Witness say Apperson drove up to Zimmerman flashing his lights, honking and yelling profanities and fired as Zimmerman attempted to leave by doing a U-turn.

    Apperson needs psychiatric care in the worse way, imo.

    The media continues to dredge up every bad thing that has happened to Zimmerman since he used his weapon to defend his life from Trayvon Martin as Martin straddled Zimmerman and hammered his head into the sidewalk.