GET OUT OF THE CAR [or a senior moment]

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  1. Thayldt21

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    Now I had to give it a chuckle.

    I heard this joke in my CCW class.

    I have to believe that it is based loosely on a true story as this makes a total of 3-4 times I have heard this from some strange sources. 1 CCW class. 2. An E mail. and 3 That shooter z just laid it on me.

    And I may have heard it somewere else.?.?.?

    Gets a laugh every time.
  2. bud

    bud Member

    Get Out Of The Car

    Loved it! Although, those senior jokes aren't as funny as
    they used to be.
  3. `Justin

    `Justin Guest

    LMAO!!!! now thats some funny stuff, wonder what kind of hand gun it really was hmm lol
  4. AGuyNamedMike

    AGuyNamedMike Lifetime Supporter

    Snopes indicates it's malarkey, but still a hoot!
  5. Mordecai

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    now thats hilarious!!!!