Gettin' Chased Again

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Flyboy, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. So I went to that class in Colorado. It was cool, and at the end, I was approached to become an instructor at the course. Well, they failed to look at my AFSC and thought I was a space guy, not an intel guy. They have no billets for intel folks. So I was a tad disappointed, but today I received an e-mail from the superintendent of the Advanced Space Operations School (ASOpS) that's co-located with the school I took the space course at, and he basically said that for me they have a position open whenever I want it.
    So now I contemplate. :p
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    You'll need to change your username to SpaceBoy.....Spaceboy ;)


  3. undeRGRound

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    Get your blimey arse out of jolly-old and back to the good old U$A! :D
  4. moona11

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    Come home!!! If you need to think about it your to far gone and you are a Englishman ;-) :p :O
    are your teeth messed up yet :p
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    And I can teach you how to shoot properly if you come back.
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    I wouldn't have to even think about that, I would ask how soon can I start! I would not want to be in England if we break out into a major war with islam.
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    Very cool.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    You on the plane yet?
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    We can call him George Jetson.
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    Love The Springs. Be there in Nov, GTEC
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    Congrats on the offer! Take it and bring your pretty family home to the good US of A!!!!!
  12. Turns out they actually have better teeth than Americans on average lol.
    I was surprised, most of 'em around here are quite pearly.

    Though to be fair my teeth have been messed up since around age 10. :p

    But what's making me hesitate is it takes me out of operations, which is more of my forte. Yes, operations is in the name, but I would be an instructor, I wouldn't actually be engaged in actual operations. I'm gonna miss my name being on every other technical analysis report that crosses the CJCS's desk. :p
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  14. Hey, I voted to bring us all back from overseas, not my fault. :p
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    You can always get back in Ops.

    Going back with an instructor tag will win You big points with the 'higher ups' especially since you've already been in the 'field'.

  16. Ehhh, things have changed a bit since you have been in lol. Generally, and this applies big time for intel, it's very hard to get back into ops once you've done instructor duty. It's big points, yes, but I have not met one instructor in my nine years that ever went back to ops; they got stuck at a desk immediately upon returning to the job. Given, these jobs were usually some form of admin or managerial position that got them in good with the brass, but otherwise their careers were Triple D'd (Destined for Desk Duty).
    So I'm gonna need to see what the details on this are in more depth before I make a definite decision.