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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by aztlan, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. aztlan

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    I’m glad the site is up again.

    I’m a new 995TS owner and want to read all there is to know about this carbine. I’ve done the same thing with my firearms. I read all I can on my Ruger 10/22 rifles and my Rock River ATH AR15 and my other rifles. I have several bolt guns. My three favorite are
    Savage Mark II FV 22LR
    Remington 700 VTR 308
    Weatherby Vanguard 223

    For the price the 995TS is a true champ, BUT there are a couple of things I really would like to know.

    First, Why do I get a cheek slap with a 9mm bullet? My 223 and 308 bolt rifles and even my AR kick more and I don’t get any cheek slap. I’ve read some posts where adding cheek pads helps. But the answer is still why.

    Is it the design of the stock, the stock material, the loose plastic cheek insert in the stock, or the blow back bolt design?

    If you have any insight I would appreciated. I have some ideas but I’m still very new to the rifle and would like to hear from you guys.

    Second, I was able to reduce the heavy trigger pull by half but I would like to know if there is a way to reduce the long trigger creep.

  2. planosteve

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    Stock design and that big old bolt slamming around.

  3. I use a red dot reflex sight for my old eyes that can't focus clearly on the peep and target. It's a little higher and I don't have the slap problem.
  4. ArmyScout

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    You are getting a cheek rub. When you fire the rifle, the poly stock flexes a little bit.
  5. aztlan

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    Another question. On the 995TS do you get less cheek slap with the but pad springs removed?
  6. colthrash

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    wrap it with paracord, or glue a mouse pad to it. somewhere on the site is someone who custom makes pads for the carbine. I bought a stick on one for a hunting rifle and hold it in place with Velcro straps...