1. I have been a member here for a little while, and this si the first time I have came into this part of the forum. The Get Home Bags are a great idea! I wouldn't mind putting one together myself.

    What are the necessities? And any othewr info you want to share.

  2. There are several "essentials" and other items that are just nice to have. There are also several posts on here with people describing their bag. So I would check those out as well. To get you started the things you are going to need are:
    Food: People have different choices as to what they go with here. fitness bars, can goods, and MRE's are all popular decisions.
    Water: You are going to need a supply of water. I keep a couple of bottles in my kit. You are also going to want some sort of purification system.
    Knife: A good pocket knife can be used for all kinds of things. I don't go anywhere (except the airport) without one. You are also going to want a good multi-tool such as a gerber or leatherman.
    Rope: Can be used for setting snares or helping set up a shelter. Most people use 550 paracord.
    Flashlight: A good flashlight is always needed. I like to keep two along with extra batteries. One led flashlight and one headlamp.
    Foul weather gear: This varies depending on your climate. Here in florida in never really gets that cold so often a light jacket is all that is needed. But I don't go anywhere without a poncho because it rains all the time.
    Fire: Fire can keep you warm, dry clothes, cook food, and boil water to make it safe for drinking. Most people like to carry a couple of ways to start fire, waterproof matches, lighters, and flint are all good ideas
    Map and Compass: These are great but only if you know how to use them. Practice!
    First Aid kit: You don't want to scrimp here it could literally save your life.
    Signalling device: a whistle or a signalling mirror works really well. Some sort of radio communications are even better.
    Some extra items that I like to keep are a couple bandanas, a tarp, a small cooking set, a shovel, and a survival manual.
    I know I have got to be forgetting something but this should get you started. I am sure others will chime in with additional info. Good luck putting your ghb together hope you will have as much fun as I did putting mine together. Oh yeah and the best way to test it is to go out to the woods and camp with it one weekend. This will let you know what you need to add and what you can take out.

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    Also, in compiling a GHB, you need to take into consideration your environment, ESPECIALLY if you don't live in open areas. Most people think "Survival" and think about the wilderness, incliment weather and the like. They don't think that being stranded in the middle of San Fransisco during a power outage or earthquake can actually be MORE dangerous to someone unprepared than being stuck out in the plains during a tornado, even if the incident is minor.

    Here's my take on it from a previous thread:

  4. Great suff guys. I'll be getting started pretty soon.