Ghost Riders In The Sky

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    Thank you that was great.
    I got numerous dents and dings working on the HOG and the PaveHawk.

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    That was pretty cool. God bless our troups.
  3. i couldn't get the link to work. i saw the floating f-16's...but whatever was in the main frame didn't show up..
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    Just checked it again

    My pc is old and I had no problem seeing it. I don't have any advice. Sorry.
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  6. Which browser are you using? It didn't work for me either when I was using Opera. Tried it in IE and it worked fine. Switch browsers and try again, it's worth it.

    Good post, thanks lakota :!:
  7. thanks for the show, thanks to the few who serve so the rest of us can be free
  8. That was great . Good post,thanks.