Ghost Ring on JHP

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    As is my normal practice now I had the JHP and a box of ammo in my range bag when I took the 2 new (old) 22's to the range. After I was done shooting the 22's I broke out the JHP. Well to make a long story short I am going to order the mahan sights. Past 7 yards I can't hit crap with ghost ring sight. Under 7 they are great, but I don't want a :zombie: getting that close to me. So I am biting the bullet and after I pay the IRS I am going to replace the sights. I am going to turn this thing into a zombie killer if it is the last thing I do.;)

    The other thing is that one of the RSO's came by and was attracted to the JHP due to "Those are some cool grips," his words not mine. I let him run a mag through the JHP and he said that it was the first time he had ever shot one and he like the accuracy and lack of recoil. I don't know if he was converted, but at least he now has some experience with a JHP.

    As for the 22's, I think I prefer the 550-1 over the Higgins model 30. Sights and trigger where much better as was the balance.
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    This is interesting, so I have a million questions

    The Mahan sights are just the rear sights, right? I could not tell from pictures on the internet if they have any dots on them - do they? Are you thinking of replacing the front sight as well?

  3. planosteve

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    Yes it is just the rear sight and everyone that has swears by them not at them.
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    Nope front sight will remain the same.
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    Mahan sights are just the rear sights.
    For an extra fee he'll make two dimples for white dots.
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    Cool. I might actually spring for dimpled ones, along with some sort of bright, luminous paint so I can actually see the dots.