ghost sight ring

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  1. have anyone try out? how is it compare with regular sight? also, any sighting comment? just when through 250rd today with my nib c9. need to work on my sight.
  2. Corelogik

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    I love it on my C9. The trick I have found to using it is to use the front sight and the little points in the ring to bracket the target. Maybe that's the wrong way to do it, but works for me.

  3. Kyu

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    I only shoot with my ghost ring. Love it. Fast sight acquisition and (I think) just as accurate as regular sights. Like all sights, you need to choose a sight picture and stick with it. I use a the pins in the ring to center on the dot on the front sight and then place that dot over my target. works well for me. The main reason I switched sights is because I am right handed and left eyed. I find the ghost ring MUCH easier to shoot.

  4. if only they make the front sight ghost ring as well. i don't know why no one ever do that. to sight up two ring and be able to see the target, wouldn't that word just like red dot sight? well, i'm gonna try to use ghost ring today hopefully i can get the sight right.
  5. The ghost ring sight works best when shooting at silhouette type targets and is designed for quick sight acquisition more than precision bulls eye shooting.


    If the front sight had a ghost ring it would be a real PITA to holster and unholster. You would end up tearing your holster up or damaging the front ghost ring.
  6. Personally, I don't prefer the ghost ring -- that's just me. I've found that my C9 is very accurate with and without the ghost ring, and I just like the notch sight better.
  7. i just put on my ghost ring, at first i don't like it too much but after few mag of sighting, i love it. it keep remind me to keep my nose up.