Girl Scout Cookies

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  1. OK so I have been told that depending on were you are your local girl scouts get their cookies form different cookie makers. And there are tales that the super yummy Sugar Cookies are still made some places and not those sucky shortbread.

    So is it true and more importantly do any of you live in an area where I can get my cookie fix?
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    I'll keep a look out in my A.O. Thin mints are always on hand, and yes, shortbread sucks.

  3. ohhhhhh thin mints!!!!!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I beg to differ!! SHORTBREAD RULES!!! :lol:
  5. Strangerous

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    You would, FREAK!

    I like Samoa cookies myself...
  6. Ridge

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    Thin Mints are the freakin bomb...I cant stop until Ive finished the tube...
  7. I'm a school teacher and get the chance to buy these EVERY time they go up for sale. I always order at least 2 boxes. One is to share and use as cookies normally are. The other box is MINE :wink:
  8. thin mints FTW! I also love those peanut butter ones...dosie does or some crap....mmmm mmmm!
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    My family has ALWAYS had issues with the Girl Scouts in the US due to political/discrimanatory reasons and always have avoided funding them...


    Damnit I can't get enough of those Thin Mints!!! :shock: I'm weak...I know....

  10. What are the political discriminatory reasons neo?
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    Many years ago, my mom was the cookie mom for my sister's troop...we had at least 2 pallets worth of girlscout cookies in our dining room for a couple weeks....the temptation was strong :D
  12. IIRC I believe my wife said troop leaders can buy them year round online. Too bad we're on a diet since my wife was a leader for my niece's troop.
  13. Shortbread for me, the mints make me want to gag.
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    Girl scouts...
    Have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on sexuality.
    They Promise to: Serve God (In their scout promise)
    The Girl Scouts make you pray at meetings. (they do not ban nor require prayer)
    They are nationally aligned with "The Association of Planned Parenthood" (But they are not)
    ... thanks wiki!
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    OMG! I can't believe I never thought of that SW! I am so hunting down those cookies just for this attempt.
  17. The 2 greatest things are a tube of frozen GS thin mints and ice cold milk or frozen GS sugar cookies and ice cold milk. A few years ago a buddy has a girl friend who's little sister was selling them. He "strong armed" me in to buying some after I ordered from somebody else. All I had in the freezer for weeks were GS cookies. I had to take the tubes out of the boxes to fit them all.

    That was a tasty several weeks.
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    Their active discrimination against gays and lesbians, no matter what their sites say. But, that's neither here nor there for this thread.

    Now I want thin mints. Damn you all.
  19. Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tag Alongs are 3 of the greatest gifts from the cookie gods.

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    Their active discrimination against gays and lesbians

    You make it sound like THAT'S a bad thing