Give me ideas for a new gun.

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  1. duker_sponk

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    Ok, I am getting my tax refund a little early (e-filed it) and I have decided on a 400 dollar budget for a new gun. Now, I can't even decide on simple decisions but now the world of gun selection has complicated things quite a bit. Here are my ideas in the different disciplines...

    Mossberg 500
    Remington 870

    I am pretty partial to 9mm autos.... suggestions?
    or like a Walter P22 for plinking

    Mosin M38
    Mauser 98K

    I just need some help narrowing it down. I have a 12 guage but its real old and needs some work. It just feels like there is something missing in my safe. I am open to pretty much anything. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks fellas.

  2. For the shoty I say go with the 870. But both are nice. I just like Remmies better.

    As far as the rest just go with what fits you best. A .22 pistol is always fun and cheap to shoot!!!!!!

  3. neothespian

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    Oh, this is easy, and these are based on Phoenix area prices:

    Mosin M38 (About $100 to $125)

    C9 if there already isn't one in the collection ($160)

    Mossberg ...well....that might be a stretch.

    Then again, if I were in the position I'd go for the Maverick 12 gauge and throw a little cash into the pile. No shame in maximizing the money .
  4. Strangerous

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    No shame in the Marverick Model 88 game... *looks at own signature* ...Nope, none at all.
  5. duker_sponk

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    Lol. Yeah a Maverick would be a good choice.
  6. browwiw

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    I once saw a folding double-barrel .410 shotgun as a kid (would have made an excellent "cotton-mouth gun" for fishing). Go out and dig that one up so I can live vicariously through you.
  7. For a .22 plinker, a Sig Mosquito's pretty nice. Shotgun wise I like Mossberg unless you can get a police model of the 870; I have the round restrictions the express/wingmaster versions have.
  8. What are you getting the gun for? Defense, plinking, hunting, etc.? Once you figure out what you really wanna do with the gun its easier to determine what kind to get handgun, shotgun, rifle. The go with the make and model from there. :)
  9. hipoint.nut

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    If you are going to get a shotgun buy a Saiga 12!!
  10. The mauser would be a good investment I think, and they are a nice rifle too. All I have are the Turk mausers and a Yugo mauser, I wish I had the "real deal"
  11. Glennfrank

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    9mm Pistols - consider the Tarus 24/7 Pro (range)or Milennium Pro (carry) line. I got my 24/7 pro longslide for $299 slightly used.

    22s- I love Ruger Mk II or IIIs. The walther p22 was too small for my hand. But the new walther SP22 felt great and was one of the most balanced guns I ever held (no experience actually firing it but it felt nice - you just have to get past the odd looks).

    Shotguns - +1 to hipoint.nut - get a Saiga 12!