Global warming propaganda flowing from Portland teens.

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    It's got everything you could ever want: awful music, global warming propaganda, and Bush bashing all from some musically un-talented teens in the Northwest.

  2. I had to stop it within the first min. The video has one thing right. George Bush OBVIOUSLY can do anything and everything about global warming. It's not like we can do a damn thing about global warming. Yes it's getting hotter,AGAIN. Just like it did before people were alive. The ocean is rising, AGAIN. Just like it did and receded before people were alive. The earth is on a cycle, and nature is doing its course. AND THERE IS NOT A DAMN THING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT! Just like when a female goes on her cycle, there is nothing we can do but let it happen. Why can't these damn idiot hippies get that thought there fat idealist liberal sculls!!!

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    It's a COMBINATION of both environmental correction and over-industrialization. You throw enough carbon monoxide into the air, it's going to cause problems 20 years on. Considering that we've ramped it up for over 150 years, it would be flat out ignorant to think that human industry had nothing to do with this!

    The funny part is that you have all of these consumer sheeple complaining about the price of gas and the cost of all of their "bling" going up, yet they're still driving 12mpg SUV's and buying new cell phones, iBooks, Stainless Steel fridges and Flatscreens every 6 months just to keep up with what is in the latest magazine. They all use LIMITED resources such as petrol, gold, steel, and a whole host of other elements that are in finite supply. The old stuff? Just dump's someone elses problem!

    And don't even GET me started on the nuts who think that the dwindling oil reserves are a "conspiracy" by the "Liberals" or the "Arabs" (both have been attributed to the supposed fake reports that we're running out of petrol resources and that we have enough for half a millenium. The same nuts who probably ban books for 'immoral content' from public libraries)

    *takes a deep breath*


    In short: it's equal parts human error AND natural correction. The events are only being amplified due to human involvement.

    That's what I meant to say.
  4. Its no secret that we are pooping in the only nest we have. We cant ignore the pollution and think it will not cause some effects on the earth,

    But at the same time as others have said, the earth goes in 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and million year cycles where conditions change.

    It is meaningless to the earth itself, which will drift through space until a big enough asteroid hits it and destroys it, or the sun finally burns out and grows in size and engulfs it billions of years from now, but the cycles have effect on the life that lives on the planet.

    Like the old saying goes, we will have to adapt, mutate or die. Its actually quite simple.