Glock 17 - What's it worth?

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    I know, the whole what's it worth question is pretty silly, but I have a question none-the less.

    I have a friend who wants to sell his old Glock model 17. It's in 9mm and I'd like to know what they can be had for out there among the masses. It's been well taken care of, and I've been eyeballig a few Glocks for a while anyway. Might as well buy his if it's affordable.

    I may also buy his Maadi (Egyptian made AK), that's the one I really want. You can never have too many AK's.
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    ive seen used ones go for about $350-$400

  3. Personally I would pass on the Glock and get the MADDI because Glocks are a dime a dozen while the Maddi's are getting harder to come by in good condition. I had a MADDI and found it to be a sweet shooter, utterly reliable and didnt look half bad either even though the wood/metal finish was not as refined as some of the European AK's you see these days. This is one of the guns my ex sold while I was deployed over seas and it was one of my favorite AK's.
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    price depends on condition and which gnereation it is. 1st gen glocks are in teh 350-400 range regardles of condition unless its really beat to hell. 2nd gens are in teh 300 to 500 catergory dependednt on conditon by blue book standards. 3rd gen are in teh 400-500 range if in good or better condition.

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    Haha, yeah me too, but I'm actually trying to talk him into keeping his AK. I know, he'll make me a hell of a deal on that one, but it's also his only long gun. If he actually sells it, I'll buy it regardless. It's finish isn't the best, but it shoots and performs well, and is a well put together firearm. I'd love to have it.

    The MADDI's were all made on actual Russian molds. They basically packed up an AK plant and moved it to Cairo, so I would suggest one to anyone who came across one too.

    I'm still interested in the Glock though, pretty reliable sidearm with a good reputation. I just don't want to pay too much.
  6. I got my Glock 17 for 250 dollars about 5 months ago with a uncle mike's holster and mag holder.

    I would get the Maddi myself since thats not a everyday weapon that you will find.

    You can ALWAYS find another Glock but finding another Maddi? Maybe not so easy.
  7. Are you guys talking about this? This is what came up when I did a google search for MADDI... check it out!

  8. I think it's spelled Maadi, but that is a cool picture- details please!
  9. Yea that's not the same thing. That there is the 50BMG pistol that was really only about the recoil managment system and the pistol was never meant to be mass produced. The company has since gone under but not sure if someone invested in purchasing the recoil system from them. Regaurdless, that would be a fun pistol. If memory serves, there was one other 50 BMG pistol that was a prototype also, never made it, and looked very different. The rifle he is referring to is just another type of AK, egyptian, and doesn't fire the 50 bmg sadly...ohh there's an idea for Saiga.... a 50 bmg AK platform!
  10. Whew, I just did a bunch of exhausting research on your question. Here is the unfettered truth. In mint condition and with extra mags the Glock 17 is worth just over $150.00. But I tell you what, I'm feeling very generous, must be the Christmas bug yet, and I'll give him $200.00 cash for it ASAP. :lol:

  11. Well Officer yes as a matter of fact i am carrying tonight would you like to see my peice................................. :shock: :D
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    How much is a Glock 17 worth?

    About $300 more than a C9 :p

    Sorry......HAD to do it.