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  1. Man that thing's sweet! Has literally a fourth the "snap" of my G27, and with the Crimson Traces on 'em I was punching quarters at 7-15 yards. That, and 15 rounds of 9mm doesn't hurt either. Think I may have found my next pistol once I get all these damn bills paid off...

    looks like I might be in the AARP by then at the rate they're piling up, but oh well they always say you need something to look forward to lol.
  2. We've (my wife and I) got one. Darn good gun. IMHO the best size for a Glock. Ours has ten round mags, but we don't care. Not as much weight to lug around. We keep saying we're going to get some hi-cap's, but we never do.


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    When I was getting the XD9 service, The Glock 19 was the #1 contender.

    I Decided on the XD do to fit and angle feel for me. I am sure you will be very satisfied if you do purchase the G19.
  4. I've been carrying a G19 for over 2 years as my CCW. Carry IWB. Doesn't show even when wearing t-shirt and jeans.
  5. G19 is my carry gun.I love mine. To me its the perfect combo of size and weight. Its small enough to carry but large enough to still be fun to shoot. And as you said 15 rounds isn't too bad either 8)