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    Hi I am seriously considering a G21 to add to my home defense tool kit. :wink: I just got through reading a thread on another board re the issues with some LEO G22s and some G23s. This may be an issue with certain of the .40 Glocks but I do not know if it effects other models. I am wondering if the G21 has had any issues like that? The issue was failure to feed some of the approved HP ammo. It seems that it was high round pistols that were malfunctioning but I still find this unacceptable. I want a .45 but I want it to function reliably. My CCW G27 has only malfunctioned once on Speer Lawman at the range. I have since replaced the magazine and the recoil spring assembly. Thank you for your replies. Here is a link to the thread I mentioned.
  2. The old .40 problems was when they first came out, and was ammunition related. New ones are fine. If you have average or smaller sized hands, or shorter fingers, check out the G21 SF. Good luck!

  3. the .40 glock issues have been fixed. they "upgrade" all their .40 cal pistol for free.

    uh, glock use the word "upgrade" instead "recall".

    i have been doing research on glock for a month and i'm thinking either a 22 or 23, i'm not sure witch one fit me the best yet. but anyway you should not worry about .40 miss feed, if you somehow find a 2nd gen or even 1st gen .40 glock, and not sure if they have been "upgrade" just give them a call and i believe they will pay for shipping and "upgrade" for you for free(which they should).

    i also have hear few comments about .40 is better than .45. it come down to: .40 have more rounds per mag, better penetration, .40 is able to change barrel and shoot .357 sig and 9mm...etc.
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    I like my G21, a lot. You should probably try and rent one at a range first, the grip size is on the chunky side, and folks with smaller hands may have trouble, as mentioned above. It fits me fine, and having 14 rounds of .45 +P JHP is very comforting.
  5. If I remember right isn't the .40 glock the one you can get other barells for? You can get one in 9mm and .357sig. Thats like getting 3 guns in one.
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    I got a Model 21 when they first came out. They issued a recall...oopps...upgrade...soon after. Didn't see any difference at all. All I ever fired from it was my own reloads with never any problems. Then I had it modified: compensated, extended slide release, extended mag release, and high gloss black nitride finish on the slide.

    The .45ACP is "low pressure" vs the 40S&W is "high pressure". Most all the issues were with the 40's, because the cartridge case is not fully supported by the chamber, leading to blown out case heads. Since the 45 is low pressure, case head blow out is very unlikelyeven after cases hve been reused many times.

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    I wanted a full supported chamber and I shoot lots of lead round nose bullets. So I got an XD... I know the glock guys are going to go off for me saying that.. .But what the hey :lol:
  8. you are correct, .40 can swap a .357sig, or 9mm barrel on it there for extra 100 buck you can get a new barrel and shoot different caliber ammo. from .40 you can move down but you can't get a G17 and get a G22's barrel. you can move down but not up. also, according to my range master, .45 glock can't get .40 barrel swap. i don't understand why may be next time i go back to the range i'll ask him again.