Glock is NOT God...

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  1. Okay - I'm training in a class of 15 other "students". Three of us are going to be deploying with Glock 19s (including myself) the other are using Beretta's.

    My experience with the Glock is limited, all I'm more aware of its reputation and some first impressions from shooting one recreationally (friend's). I was duly impressed.

    Our first day - mine was perfect. Smooth, felt like a .22 and accurate - groupings at 10 yards were within 2". The guy to my right experienced 3 jams, the girl to my left experienced 3+ as well. We probably went through about 400rnds each (e.g. firing all day with multiple mags).

    The guy - was pretty big, has shot before - so I blame the gun. The girl on the other hand, you could tell she was limp wristing.

    Day two - guns were cycled. The girl must have gotten mine - she jammed a couple of times, but her style was much better. Then guy maybe got 1 jam. Me on the other hand - I couldn't make it through a clip (10rds) without jamming. This truly sucked - I experienced double feeds, failure to ejects, failure to feed - you name it. Heck, I even experienced the slide automatically slamming forward after loading a new mag (after being LOCKED back in place).

    Despite instructors disassembly, inspection (nothing blatantly dirty), oiling - it still jammed. I was in disbelief as sometimes i would have to slap the back of the slide to complete chambering the next round (sucks @$$ when you are timed). I was further floored when ensuring that my gun was safe and empty ... I would rack the slide three times and sometimes the slide wouldn't fully close. wtf?!?

    Granted - the guns we used for our training are not (thankfully) the ones that will be issued, and they are really *really* well used to boot.

    They finally swapped in another and it shot beautifully for the rest of day 2.

    Fast Forward to qualifications - My gun f-ing jammed. AGAIN. When you're qualifying and need to perform a "failure to stop" in 6 secs... this truly pisses one off. I about chucked that POS over the Burm. Luckily I was granted alibi shots whenever I experienced a jam. But I know my scores suffered for it. (although I did qualify in the end at least).

    This isn't a Glock bashing post - it's just a reminder that every product has its lemons - and mechanically, weapon systems will fail. Time and usage will take care of that.

    Meanwhile - my C9Comp at home is a solid shooter. And I know it. Maybe not all C9's are... but as my story shows, neither are glocks. My C9 is a solid performer (no jams! nada!). That's what counts for me.

    PS - the Beretta's maybe suffered a total of 5 jams amongst 13 trainees during class and quals. Go Beretta! (is it just me, or is it the gun that people love to hate?)
  2. Good report! Bummer on your scores because of faulty gear tho. But it is a perfect example of how highly touted firearms can fail regardless of how much they cost. Fortunately, all of my firearms work great after a little TLC and fixing commonly known issues (gas valve on Yugo SKS for example).
    Guns are machinery with moving parts, they all will break eventually.

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    I for one, appreciate the post. I can see it is not a slam at a manufactureer, but more over a pointing out that nothing is infallilble. Yes, training firearms usually are bottom of the barrrel, so to speak.
    I did not like how a faulty weapon would be cause of your low scores, possibly. I would discount that with the instructors, or, ask them to shoot it and score high.
    Again, Good post.
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    i love my beretta and my taurus 92

    most of the people bashing beretta these days never shot one..
    glocks the big thing these days and glockers have a tendancy to badmouth every one else without actually firing anything else..

    kinda like the high school boy that marries the first piece of tail he gets cause he thinks he's in love.
  5. Glock is known for the slide going forward when slamming in a mag. Some say it is designed to do this. Others desire it if theirs don't do it. My G26 with very few rounds thru it will do it if I jam the mag in hard enough. It is the kinetic motion of the full mag being slammed in that knocks the slide catch out of its notch.
  6. A good glock is a good glock. A bad one is a bad one. Weapons like the rest of have to take the bad with the good.
  7. My S&W Sigma will do that if I slam a mag in really hard. I kinda like that sometimes though... It eliminates a step in the reloading process, I don't have the cant the gun to the side to thumb the slide release, just slap the mag in and go.
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    I thought this was a "combat" feature of some sort... because when i empty my Bersa, and change mags, when i ram the mag home, the slide releases and chambers the next round (slide staying open after last round fired) Anybody got .02 to give?
  9. huh - if the Glock was meant to chamber after slapping in a mag (firmly), then okay - I claim ignorance on that. I've been approaching it with a "will chamber when I explicitly rack the slide".
  10. Guns are like a box of chocolates. Some you like, some you dislike, some you want to throw into the garbage can. :)
  11. Most European designed semi-auto pistols will release the slide and chamber a round when a fresh mag is slammed home when the slide is locked back. I was told this is a "combat reload" feature built into the firearm.

    As far as Glocks go... they are over rated and over priced in my opinion. Just because it has the word Glock on it does not mean the gun is not capable of having problems. Any mechanical device is apt to have issues with worn parts, broken parts or simply not work properly if not properly used or taken care of.
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    hmm this is actually the first i've heard "combat reload" on one hand it makes sense on another i never found it a problem to hit the slide release..

    infact i dont think i would like it any other way.. im not supprised to hear of this esp on a glock because they try to make the gun as click and point user friendly as possible..

    personally i like to feel in control of every aspect of the gun.

    perhaps we should start a new thread and poll cause im kinda interested in how many people like that sort of system.
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    I rented an AR at a range last year and experienced quite a few double feeds (every other magazine it seemed) and the range said the mag spring was weak and causing problems...hopefully that was all the problem with the Glocks, but Im anti-Glock just because of the fanboyism...if I had my choice between the two, I'd pick the M9 and just get some higher capacity mags...
  14. RE: combat reload

    Actually I remember the instructors explicitly warning us to not use the slide lock on the Glock as a slide-release. Basically that overtime, the metal would chew the notch and make the lock questionable esp when you are to make the handgun safe and open when turning in back to the armorer, or even when you're supposed to range carry to the firing line.

    The combat-loading may be that in-between stage... unless Glocks have changed that feature recently?
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    Everyone I have told this too swears that they have never seen this type of problems with glock but out of 4 I have shot, only 1 functioned properly. We tried different shooters, and several types of ammo with all three. I couldnt convince myself to buy a glock even if they were selling at hi-point prices.
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    Glock has a place in firearms history. They rewrote the book. But as it is in cars it is in guns. You know when Michelle Mouton and Audi came on the rally seen she blew the doors off everything. She rewrote the course records on pike's peak. Audi blasted through trans am series... The all wheel drive was something it was a true stand out. But now AWD is pretty common, as is four wheel disc breaks and power steering. It is the same thing with Glock. The Audi-Quattro of yesterday is still the same great car it was. It is still a blast to be sliding around corners at speed. But the fact is the things that made that car such a great car has been taken and used and is now common place.
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    If it is a training weapon who knows how many thousands of rds have gone down range through it. If I had to guess I would say that it was either a worn out recoil spring, a chipped/worn/broken extractor, or mags with worn out springs.
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    Sounds like you had a worn out recoil spring. Any gun will wear out springs. Sorry your experience sucked.
  19. Curious where you're deploying to that you are taking your choice of weapons. Are you a govt contractor or what. Sorry if you said and I missed it.
  20. Too bad you cant poke a hole in the bottom of the gun to see what your about to get.