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    Hope these pics work.....

    Here's my Glock 23 .40 cal. It was a gift after graduating the Police Academy. I never carried a backup, or an off-duty, so only played with it on range day. Since opening my own business, I only have time to put stuff on and make her all perty! :D

    I have with her:

    - Hogue Grip
    - Night Sights
    - 3-factory 13 +2 mags
    - Accessory top and bottom rail
    - UTG Laser/light single piece combo w/ detach surefire-style light
    - Dot scope with rig allowing duel use of the standard sights
    - Drop in 9mm extended and vented barrel (By far my fav extra!!!)
    - 2-"Glock 17" Hi-cap 17 round mags
    - Extended Mag Release
    - Extended slide stop (or slide release depending on your opinion) :D
    - Detach shoulder stock....sure I've got the paperwork! :wink:

    I greatly enjoy this little set. It's superb at the range with the 9mm barrel. I can practice shooting a .40 on a "9mm's budget" and have even extra fun with the telescoping shoulder stock. And every piece fits perfectly-tetris-like in a single hard case. was meant to be! :)


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    posting pics for all the world to see, i hope you do too :lol:

    but on a serious note, i'd hate to see anyone get in trouble over some stupid law. i really hope you have it sbr'ed.

    not trying to play internet cop, just watching out for a fellow shooter.

  3. I hate you...

    I hate you so very much...

    Just kidding-- you got a nice looker there!!!

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    ...So said my wife as of course, she walks in my lil workshop sporting her new tennis bracelet :eek: but yes, paperwork indeed!!! Sure was pretty expensive to play it safe. :( Oh well, rules are rules though! If I can't play the game by the rules...shouldn't play at all.

    Sure is nice to be able to drop the barrel at the range to shoot on a 9mm budget though. I usually run about 150-200 9mm rounds before I switch back to the .40's...about 100 rounds or so.

    I'd hate to get myself too used to a 9mm recoil when performance under stress requires .40 familiarity.
  5. You showed us most of the gear but where's the holster?
  6. Get a bayonet lug on that thing :)
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    nice, looks cool.
  8. Now that you have GlockMan all riled up to the point of insomnia... :wink: GREAT LOOKIN SHOOTER!!!!
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    Really? It meets every definition of a short barreled rifle. I don't think an ad from Sportsmans Guide will hold up in court. The discussion of having a forward grip is debatable but I wouldn't want to be the test case.

    Here's a good article

    There's a good reason why you can't put a buttstock on your AR15 pistol.
  11. Federal law gets weird (euphemism for stupid) when you start looking at the details. Years ago there was a skeleton style shoulder stock that was attached to a glove. Because it was not directly connected to a pistol, it was legal. Also, you may own a shoulder stock for a pistol but if you attach it, you've created at SBR. This appears to attach to the base of the magazine. That may mean it doesn't directly attach to the pistol, and might not be a problem. I would want a copy of a letter verifying that fact before taking this out of the house though.

    And--there is a reason you can't put a shoulder stock on your AR15 pistol. It's called stupid law!!! Idiots in elected office love to pass them.

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    I played it safe and followed the warnings and headlines and went ahead and "paid the pain for the pleasure to play." :D

    I only have it on at the range along with all of the other dressings if I prefer, but keep it stock at home or in the car.

    45acp, of course, try as i may, I couldn't fit it all into my uncle mikes or fobus! :( Like I said, the bells and whistles are only dusted off for the range or photos which begin healthy debate like this!

    But she's usually in a paddle holster.
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    yep they may be stupid but i don't want to be a test case for the atf. there's some cases out there of people getting in trouble with a short barreled upper not attached to anything but since they had an ar15, they had intent for construction since they didn't have a registered sbr lower or pistol lower.

  14. Constructive Possession is a real problem with firearms law in this country. If you have a pistol upper and an AR you may be convicted of possession of an unregistered SBR. If you also have an AR pistol lower, you are probably OK. You seem to imply I am somehow suggesting civil disobedience. I have no desire to go there, and only stated my opinion that laws written so as to be unclear in certain circumstances are badly written laws. At no time did I suggest that anybody test anything. In fact, with the Heller decision looming, this is a bad time to do so.

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    ...Does anyone just wanna talk about my dot scope? J/K :lol:

    It's great to hear interpretation and opinion about "issues" such as this from various sets of eyes. But is is rather humorous to see how laws are almost written to appear gray, almost to the effect of, "Ummm, we don't quite know how things are gonna be in the near future, so let's make it cloudy for the moment."

    Then once, "black or white" hits the headlines and is in your face, law makers could be turned around with stances taken opposite to the alleged violator...."No, no, that's not what we meant, he understood incorrectly, the law's just fine the way it is, but what it means is the opposite of what this guy thought."

    About time to bump this thread to another area maybe? As this may continue...No objections here!
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    Wow gents, What i meant was there is no paper work required for the stock, Take a silencer for example you can't just order one and pay with the visa and await it's arrival. The stock you can just order.

    Now as for short barreled Rifle that is another discussion on it's own. has this one on some of their threads.

    AGAIN I have not heard any one being arrested over this but i agree I would not want to be a test case either.

    Edit to add
    Glock 17 stock compatible with models: G17, G34, G22, G35, G37, G31 Glock 19 stock compatible with models: G19, G23, G38, G32 (Please specify desired model) Features: - Adjustable length for optimum comfort - Enhanced stability and accuracy to longer distances - Fast activation and quick release - Incorperated Sling mount - Light wieght construction from reinforced plastic composite ATTENTION Discliamer, If you own a Glock handgun and purchase this produt, your handgun will become classified by the ATF as a Short-Barreled Rifle. You must register your weapon with ATF before purchase of this item. Please contact the ATF directly for futher details.
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    i see. kind of like how you can buy a m16 fire control group but if you own an ar15 lower, it better be class 3. the mech-tech upper for glocks allow you to have a stock but it comes with a 16" barrel.

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    Ooohhh...das perty! "Happy anniversary honey!" here's your Mall giftcard...Don't worry bout mine...I'm sure I'll find something! :wink:

    Oh, BTW, NDS...The stock does actually attach to the hollow in the backstrap of the glock.
  20. I actually got to shoot a Glock 19 9mm this weekend, and I have to apologize to GlockMan officially.... It was pretty comfy... I was suprised actually. I still don't like the grip angle, but the weapon was dead on and it felt nice with the recoil. Overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed shooting it.

    Whew! I am glad I finally got that off my conscience.... And all in one breath..... Imagine me actually LIKING a Glock! :oops: :wink: