Glock Talo Edition

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  1. Went to the gun show the other day and in browsing I came upon something I'd never seen...
    and I must say I was very impressed...this thing looks spectacular, the pics don't do it justice. The sight line is still a dull finish but polished similar to the black mirror finish on the sides of the slide...and that barrel :D
    Only cosmetics though, but talk about a pimped out evil black gun... :twisted:

    came in 9mm and .40s/w and I was told that only 500 of each caliber were manufactured...price was $100 more on the average. The wife saw me eyeing it, and since she gave me the evil eye[​IMG] I slowly put it down and walked away.......

  2. Not a glock fan, but that is pretty sweet.
  3. nice, i'm a glock fan and i know all glock fan will be happy to pay the extra $100 for that finish. sweet.
  4. 100 difference! That's it!? Wow!
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    Looks something like mine:
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    I love the cougar statement/picture combo. That was awesome, I think my wife is looking like that right about now.