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    I had 3 FTF (failed to feed pistol did not go into battery)yesterday at the range in just 40 rounds with the WWB. I have tried several HP defense loads in my 27 and have yet to find one that makes it choke. A few months ago I had 1 FTF also with Winchester White box and I changed the recoil spring assembly with one that Glock sent me and I got a new 9 round Glock magazine. I added the Pearce +0 extension awhile back but I am not sure if the extension would cause this. I have been carrying this pistol since 2001 with no problems. I clean and lube it after every range session and I lube it approximately every 2 weeks between sessions. I was NOT limpwristing I made sure of that. Oh the magazine in the gun has a #8 follower. :?:
  2. I think WWB just had a bad batch. My C9 will eat anything now and she will still choke on a WWB every now and then. Thru several posts, I have noticed some problems with WWB's over the past month or so.

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    1) Make sure you are tapping the back of the mag after you load it to seat the rounds properly.

    2) My 995 will eat just about anything but as soon as I put WWB in it, she starts to choke up on me. I have noticed this with other people as well. My fathers glock 22, 23, and 27 in all seem to like UMC for practice ammo.
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    quality of WWB has been in a steady decline for the last six months. I no longer buy it at all. too many problems.

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    As a Glock Armorer I can tell you that adding the +extentions will effect the magazine. During my last update class the instructor made sure we understood this. But, I see you said +0. I have +0's on all my G27 mags and have never had a problem. My other suggestion would be to make absolutely sure you're racking all the way to the rear and letting go of the slide and not riding it forward. After that I would have to see the weapon to be sure. I have to agree with the others, though, the WWB has been getting bad reviews, lately. I shoot only Remington on the range and carry Remington Sabres for protection.