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GlockMan's guide to finding the X ring
~Carbine sighting How-To~

First you will need a few sandbags or another item to properly support your carbine while firing adjustment groups.

Vertical adjustment is easy by just centering the sight in its left-right travel but using a screw driver and the adjustment screw location on the side of the sight.

Horizontal adjustment is also easy, Just use a small ruler. First bury the height adjustment until its bottomed out (laying flat against the base), by using a small screw driver and the top sight adjustment screw. Then raise it to the maximum adjustment (Straight Up) while measuring the travel. Then reduce the height until it measures out at 50% of its total travel up and down.

Center your front sight dead in the middle of is track "height wise" by loosing the single screw then re tightening it.

After completing the above place your target at 7 yards and with a steady, supported carbine fire three well aimed slow fired shots. Look at your impact, adjust the rear sight for left or right corrections "ONLY" and fire another three shot string until your groups are centered.

Next, (if needed) adjust the impact height with the "Front Sight Only".
If you are hitting the target low and have to raise your group, "LOWER" the front sight, if you are hitting the target high and have to reduce the height of your group then "RAISE" the front sight.

Once you're in the "X" ring move the target back to 25yds and fire another three round group. At this point you should be dead on or just a hair off height wise so you would make a finial minor adjustment to the "REAR" sight only
( To Raise the Group--Raise the Rear Sight Height, To Lower the Group--Lower the Rear Sight Height)

And thats as how GlockMan dials his carbines into the "X" ring.
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